About the client

Yaknia - is a streaming platform. It provides entertainment and broadcasting services in the fields of sports, performing arts, music, game shows, politics, religion, health, and fitness via ongoing Internet Protocol Television (IPTV).


The client didn’t have any internal cloud and solution architect expertise. So, Akveo team had to:

  • Define the current state of application infrastructure
  • Provide app modernization strategy: scope of work, project estimation, and realization plans


We defined all infrastructure components of the solution and prepared a detailed architecture scheme:

Yaknia Application Architecture

In the next step we define the scope of work and divided them into phases:


Type of work



Application Containerization

Containerize workload of Yaknia Application in accordance with
“Scope of Work: Components for Containerization” table.

A set of containers with build and deployments instructions.

Application Pilot Deployment

Deploy product to the cloud for demo and testing purposes (Cloud MVP).

Yaknia Application runs in a cloud environment in accordance with MVP approach.

Create a set of documentation

  • Prepare technical solution description (a set of diagrams, tables, notes) to use as a key note for investors’ slide deck
  • Provide solution architecture documentation
  • Provide deployment instructions
  • Provide backup and recovery work instructions
  • Provide scalability work instructions
  • Provide high-availability documented approach
  • Document CI/CD Approach

A set of documentation in accordance with the Description.

Create DEV, QA, STG, PROD environments

Create a set of environments in the cloud to cover full Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). Implement automated environments provisioning.

  • DEV, QA, STG, PROD environments created
  • Documentation provided

Implement CI/CD Pipeline

Implement CI/CD pipeline in accordance with SDLC.

CI/CD Pipeline implemented and documented.

Implement Security Best Practices

  • Plan for Security Best Practices
  • Plan for Government Cloud/HIPAA Workload
  • Plan for DDoS Protection
  • Implement security best practices and perform infrastructure security hardening

Security best practices implemented, infrastructure security hardening performed.
*Security audit from certified vendor is required.
**Code is not covered with security hardening and /or security analysis.

Backup and Recovery

Implement backup and recovery in accordance with RTO/RPO.

Solution is covered with backup, recovery procedures documented and tested.

Implement Scalability Approach

Implement automated/semi-automated scalability approach for Yaknia Application to handle spike workload and optimize usage costs.

Development environments based on VDI Desktop

Plan and deploy VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) for remote developers.

VDI is created and documented. A set of users have access configured.

Cloud Infrastructure Cost Estimations

Provide Cloud infrastructure cost estimations.

  • Estimations of Cloud Infrastructure Costs.
  • 3rd Party Vendors (Vonage API, Firebase) are not covered with the estimations.
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