Case Study Felmo mobile app

How we developed a quality branded design of a mobile app and saved thousands of dollars for the client.

A mobile app based on Eva Design System.

Our Customer Story

Felmo is A German-based company in the field of veterinary services. Clients' need was to develop a mobile app that connects vet clinics and pet owners looking for medical care services online.
Lars Giere, Co-Founder at Felmo talking about working with Akveo and building the Felmo app.

Client overview

Felmo is A German-based company in the field of veterinary services. The company provides a wide range of services including online consultations, appointment booking to the vet, instant and permanent access to treatment results, and more. The client wanted to develop a mobile app that connects vet clinics and pet owners looking for medical care services online.


  • The client wanted to develop a mobile application within 60 days on a limited budget. Hence, our task was to provide a solution that would allow us to quickly create a quality brand app and stay on a specified budget.
  • The client's wireframes weren't enough to provide the user flow logic. They needed a UX audit and UI/UX designs.
  • The team had to deliver applications for both iOS and Android platforms within 60 days.

Scope of work

1. UX/UI Design development:
  • Working with the client’s wireframes
  • UX audit
  • UI design 
2. Mobile app development included:
  • The development of a user interface for both versions of the app.
  • Conducting market research to find a solution that would meet all the project's requirements.
  • Continuous integration and delivery. 


Based on Eva Design System, the app enables users to:
  • Keep track of the current appointments.
  • Schedule the next appointment.
  • Keep at hand a list of procedures prescribed by the vet.
  • See each appointment in a vet clinic in detail (notes, time, etc.).
  • Use the knowledge base via a series of articles.
  • View a history log that includes the details of procedures and medicine prescribed by the doctor and their corresponding status.
  • Communicate with vets via chats.
  • Receive automatic notifications.

Technology stack

  • Programming languages: TypeScript
  • Tools and frameworks: React, React Native, MobX
  • Libraries: React Navigation (as a routing library), UI Kitten (UI library for React Native)
  • Design platform: Eva Design System
  • CI/CD: Bitrise
  • Messaging service: Pusher
  • Testing: Crashlytics
  • Data analytics: Firebase Analytics


A mobile application was released on the App Store and Google Play and is available for download in Germany. The use of React Native UI Kitten allowed Felmo to reduce front-end development time by 25% and save thousands of dollars. The outcome of the project is a multifunctional mobile application with a set of custom icons and illustrations. 

  • A ready-made UI Kit based on the customer’s style guide and Eva Design System.
  • The use of Eva Design System helps to automate the creation of wireframes by 15%. 
  • Using Eva Design System, we managed to increase the design maintenance speed by 50%.

Key Results

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Technology Stack

UI Kitten
Eva Design System
React Native

What Our Customers Say

The quality of work and the mentality in which they tackle things was outstanding

Akveo delivered high-quality apps against a timeline and budget. Using their own framework allowed them to save money and make adjustments to the client’s needs. That level of expertise combined with excellent value made for an overall smooth workflow, despite some bumps at first.

Lars Giere

Co-Founder, Felmo

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