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React Native App Development Services

React Native provides the easiest yet reliable way to reach the market. Save on development costs while getting a cross-platform application that seamlessly works on Android, iOS, and web platforms.


Starting mobile projects on React Native within 2-3 weeks!

What is React Native

React Native is an open-source JavaScript framework for cross-platform app development. Created on React basis, the framework allows developing native mobile apps using JavaScript. Since its release, React Native became the primary choice for many development teams worldwide. For six years of existence, React Native developers made lots of great apps like Instagram, Facebook, and Tesla.

Backed by Facebook and thousands of enthusiastic contributors (Akveo is one of them), the framework continues to acquire new features and system upgrades. Currently, it works not only with mobile but desktop and web apps too.

The React Native projects
we’re proud of

The React Native projects we’re proud of

Our team is experienced in projects of any scale. Be it long or short-term projects, our main priority is the outcome for our clients.
Banking App
Vet App - Felmo
Colorful Mobile App
Mobile App
The mobile application for driver assistance

The React Native projects we’re proud of

Our React Native mobile development company is experienced in projects of any scale. Be it long or short-term projects, our main priority is the outcome for our clients.
Reduced time to market, the use of our branded products such as UI Kitten, and better user experience are the cornerstones we build our development process upon.
Banking App
Vet App - Felmo
Colorful Mobile App
Mobile App
The mobile application for driver assistance

iOS and Android Development with React Native

React Native is the best-in-class framework for creating cross-platform iOS and Android applications for different purposes. Being centered around mobile apps development from the very beginning, React Native performs better in that domain. There are several crucial benefits the framework offers for Android and iOS developers.
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Easy & Cheap Maintenance

The special APIs for iOS and Android make the application maintenance process seamless and cost-effective.

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Reduced Development Time & Cost

A React Native developer can reuse all the code for both iOS and Android. You get 2 apps for the price of 1, twice as fast.

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3d Party Libraries Support

React Native supports multiple libraries that allow integration of 3d party services and tools like GPS, cameras, IoT, etc.

Features of React Native


UI Oriented

The rendering capabilities of React Native are phenomenal. It also has multiple UI libraries with templates for all types of applications.


Live & Hot Reload

These features allow users to see the changes in the app as soon as they modify the code. It makes the app development process much faster and easier.


NPM Libraries

React Native supports numerous NPM that contain pre-made code libraries. Developers can upload code patterns from them and work faster.


JavaScript Codebase

JS is the most commonly used programming language. It makes React Native accessible for more developers.


Open-source Framework

Facebook and developers from all over the world never stop improving the React Native framework.


Reusable Code

Using React Native, developers can reuse almost all the code across multiple platforms (mobile, web, desktop).

React Native Development Services

Akveo offers the whole spectrum of React Native mobile applications development services.
Android Development

React Native Android App Development

We build white label Android apps for various purposes (business, lifestyle, entertainment, etc.)
iOS App Development

React Native iOS App Development

Our developer team makes various types of white label iOS apps from scratch.

Cross-platform Migration Services

Akveo React Native specialists can create the twin of your existing application on another platform.
UI/UX Design

React Native App UX/UI Design Services

We design/redesign the UX/UI part of your application and do rebranding.

React Native App Customization Services

Our experienced engineers customize your React Native mobile application for your business needs.

React Native Consulting & Support

You can get our expert advice on how to handle your own React Native mobile app development process.
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Our React Native Development Expertise

Our React Native experts know all the pain points and workarounds. Besides, we’re professionals in native development as well, so there’s no tradeoff for customers: we know exactly when and how to use both concepts.

Engineers' team


Years working with React Native


Released React Native projects

What’s more, we develop and actively support our own open-source solutions. With the undisputed quality of these products, we successfully use them in our projects.
💥 React Native UI Library based on the Eva Design System 🌚✨Dark Mode

Reasons to try React Native

Cross-platform development is the first thing to consider when thinking about mobile apps, while React Native is the best choice to create a high-quality application.

No matter if you need iOS, Android, or both platforms simultaneously, it always makes sense to consider React Native as the primary development solution.

What does our React Native development company deliver?


Domain expertise

Here at Akveo, we do not focus on a particular industry. However, we do have a lot of experience in such domains as:
  • Workflow Automation Tools;
  • Smart Home Controls;
  • Mobile Banking;
  • Health & Fitness;
  • IoT.


Diverse applications

We design iOS and Android apps for smartphones, tablets, and websites (thanks to React Native Web) that share the same codebase.

What our customers say about us

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