To use the template you need


The foundation

A ready-made backend that interacts with sensors.


Set up

To do manual work on connecting to this backend and setting up for a specific task.

We'll make it work like clockwork

Our development team will help you set up the dashboard to ensure your platform’s smooth user experience. We provide:

Installation and Integration

  • Our team uses the best practices that seamlessly integrate our dashboard into your system.
  • We help you to set up continuous integration and delivery solutions depending on your tech stack (AWS, Azure, Jenkins, etc.)

Premium Support

  • Guaranteed availability and resolution time based on SLA;
  • Priority development and escalation;
  • Dedicated support engineers;
  • Code review.

How businesses use Fleet Management Template to build IoT solutions

Whether you need to design the UI or develop the front-end, our template gets you covered. So far, we have helped to design 10+ products in the telematics and automotive domain and would be happy to assist you with your solution.

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