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Healthcare Dashboard for Delivery Companies

Ready to use dashboard for delivery companies. Track your couriers health state and prevent cost risks to lead your business more effectively.

Why use Healthcare Dashboard?

When talking about delivery companies, especially in current fast changing times, monitoring the couriers health provides a way to measure business performance more accurately.
That’s why we’re building a dashboard which main goal is to increase your company's operational efficiency due to tracking and improving employees' health state quality. 

The Dashboard includes 3 Modules:

1. Dashboard

  • Overview (Vehicle position map, status widgets, event notifications);
  • Real Time Data (List of real-time data widgets);
  • Events (List of all system events e.g. info, error, warning, success with filter by event type);

2. Analytics

  • Employees health state statistics.
  • Disease reports.
  • Engagement in Wellness programs and their cost effectiveness.
  • Comparison graphic of employees average health rate improvement before/after participation in wellness programs (health changes/predictions).
  • Company’s income increase by means of improving the health rate of employees.

3. Employee Details

  • Data on personnel.
  • Health rate.
  • Latest check.
  • History of diseases.
  • Warning - in case an employee is in the risk group.
  • Alert - in case of contagious disease.
Healthcare Dashboard for Delivery Companies

Features and Benefits

All couriers health state monitoring.

+Real time data about couriers location with their current health rate status.

Wellness programs implementation and analysis of their cost-effectiveness.

Healthcare Dashboard Screens

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