Web Application Development

Speed up web development by up to 73%

Our approach

To create great web applications, we use the best solutions available on the market and our own Open Source products. This approach allows us to provide high-quality while saving time and money for our clients. Our UI libraries, Design System, and backend bundles are verified by thousands of qualified engineers from all over the world.

Focusing on long-term partnership and taking care of the end result, we build software that adds true value. We contribute to Open Source and use our own products that enable us to deliver high quality faster. Our team will help you at every stage of app creation: solution design, implementation, testing, and launch. Regardless of your project specifics, we guarantee exclusive development and consulting services including technical, process, and business aspects.

We help our clients with:
Digital transformation

We help our customers to boost the company’s performance, grow their business, and reduce costs. By bringing technologies to your workflow, we automate a wide range of manual and repetitive operations.

Unified enterprise apps tailored to Brand-book

We developed Eva Design System that allows creating unique branded designs much faster. Using our product, you cut development costs and improve user engagement.

White label applications and multi-branding

Provide your B2B clients with great modern applications. Deliver exactly what they need due to simple customization. 

Application with the offline-first approach

Create a digital product that works everywhere you are and provides consistent user experience across all devices.

Modernization of outdated apps

Get a renewed application that perfectly fits the market.

Data visualization

Guide your business from a data-driven perspective.

Technology consulting in Analytics, Internet of Things, Finance and Telemetry

Empower your team with experts in technologies and relevant areas.

Partner with us and get the following advantages:

Using our low-code front-end development platform that generates the code allows us to cut the web development time by 73%* and optimize the project budget.


Instead of wireframe and UI creation from scratch, you will get a lot of pre-defined screens and features from our popular Angular UI library.


Eva Design System is one of our key design products. It helps to speed up the prototyping process and ensure consistency even if you decide to scale your web app or to conduct digital transformation in your company.  


All UI components, including Eva Design System, are easily customizable and adaptable to your brand.

*Based on 100+ projects we delivered


A Client Testimonial

Akveo was one of the best companies I've had the pleasure to work with. They were extremely professional and they deliver top-notch, high-quality services. The app performed as expected and received excellent preliminary feedback from users. Akveo continually impressed with its capable project management, prompt turnarounds, and high-quality deliverables.

Carlos Pavão – Solution Architect

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