Web Application Development Services

We deliver end-to-end web app development services to help you build new web apps, enhance the existing ones, carry out digital transformation, and implement data visualization. Cut web development time by 73% with us.*

Our Approach

To create high-end web apps, we use our cutting-edge Open Source software, and the best solutions available on the market. We aim at providing top-quality deliverables with the reduced time and money resources. Our UI libraries, Design System, and backend bundles are verified by thousands of qualified developers from all over the world.

We build a long-term partnership taking care of the end result to deliver the software that adds value. Our team has the necessary expertise to help you at the stages of solution design, implementation, testing, and launch.

We will help you with:
Digital Transformation

We'll automate a range of manual repetitive operations by applying the appropriate technologies in your mission-critical workflows. We'll help you increase your company’s performance and grow your business.

Development of Enterprise Apps Tailored to Your Brand

With the help of our Eva Design System that allows creating unique branded designs really quickly, we'll help you minimize development costs and increase user engagement.

Development of White-Label Apps, and Multi-Branding

We know how to build modern white-label apps, so that you can further customize them easily and quickly (with our UI Bakery, for example) to satisfy the needs of your B2B clients from various industries.

Offline First Application Development

We'll assist you in building a digital product that your clients will be able to use offline and online on any device without compromising user experience.

Legacy Software Modernization

We'll help you renew your existing applications to improve your user experience, improve app reliability, and stay competitive.

Data Visualization

We're eager to cope with any data visualization challenges you face, be it health checking and maintaining your existing data visualization solution, designing and developing a new one, etc. We'll help you meet your clients' needs to the fullest extent.

Technology Consulting in Analytics, Internet of Things, Finance

We'll show you a road map and give practical advice on how to upgrade the processes within your company using innovative technologies to drive your business value.

The advantages you get from the cooperation with us:

Optimized project budget and reduced web development costs using UI Bakery, our front-end development platform allowing to generate the code without coding.


No more need to create UIs for your apps from scratch - get various pre-defined Angular components, and other features from Nebular, our Angular UI library.


Accelerated UI prototyping process and ensured app consistency. With our Eva Design System, we'll deliver customizable apps that can be easily scaled if needed.  


UI components matching with your brand thanks to Eva Design System functionality.

*Based on 100+ projects we delivered


What Our Customers Say

Akveo is one of the best companies we've had a pleasure to work with. Staying extremely professional, they provided us with top-notch services. The app performed as expected, and we've got the excellent early user feedback. We were continually impressed with Akveo's project management skills, and the quality of their deliverables.

Carlos Pavão

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