How we built a client interface for an application that got hundreds of upvotes on Product Hunt

Working on PoC, MVP and product after the production.

Case study in travelling area: Client interface front-end development

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Client overview

TRAVO is a travel startup from Los Angeles, California that operates in the area of travelling. It allows to create time-centric itineraries based on travel objectives (meetings, events, conferences, etc.) and book them using a couple of clicks.


Administrative professionals of small and medium businesses usually spend a lot of time on booking trips for their colleagues. It’s getting even more challenging when an employee needs to visit several places in a certain area. Usually this requires them to manually find the best flight based on the event date and time and employee preferences, find the best accommodation on the map that is the most suitable based on the event location, choose among the ground transportation options available.

TRAVO didn’t have any in-house front-end engineers, as well the demand for Angular developers in California was very high. Besides that, the first agency they hired was not doing a great job in terms of timing and quality. So they decided to look for some good off-shore partners to help them with the client-facing part of the product.

Their goal was to do a public release as soon as possible to get real clients on the platform to start generating revenue and improve the product based on the feedback.

Scope of work

Akveo was working on the front-end part of the application, closely communicating with TRAVO in-house backend development team, while helping with definition of REST APIs. Akveo was working on PoC, MVP, and also when the product was in Production.


AKVEO build several versions of the TRAVO application as design and product vision were evolving. The web application was providing users a way to fill a form with the events they plan to visit and view their trip details on the map. In particular AKVEO built:

  • Homepage with search form
  • Search results page, consisting of:
  1. Map with itinerary details
  2. Overlay panel that contained information about selected flights, hotels and ground transportation
  3. Block with list and filters the ability to choose and compare different options and apply changes to the itinerary
  • Booking page including payment details, information about travellers, seat selection component, etc.
  • Profile page
  • Other static pages.

Technology stack: 

The technology stack on the front-end was AngularJS/HTML/CSS which at that time was the most advanced Javascript framework. At the latest stages of the project Redux was introduced to simplify state management. This allowed us to build a rich client interface with a large amount of complex features and speed up the process of introducing changes.

  • The presentation level of the app has been developed using AngularJS, HTML/CSS, Saas.
  • The back-end is based on: Python/Flask
  • Database: PostgreSQL
  • Cloud environment: AWS
  • Testing: Mocha
  • 3rd party services: Sabre


  • 1st PoC of the app with homepage and search result page was delivered within 1 month
  • 326 ProductHunt upvotes
  • Multiple publications about the product  (Executive Secretary,, etc.)
  • Was used by thousands of administrative professionals since 2016
  • Company acquired in 2018
  • Long-term cooperation between companies evolved into friendship after AKVEO visit in 2017

Client interface front-end development

Key Results

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Technology Stack


What Our Customers Say

I am writing to recommend the services of the Akveo LLC.

I am writing to recommend the services of the Akveo LLC.

I have been working with Akveo LLC for almost 3 years now since the foundation of their company and have always been completely satisfied. They do an excellent job, are always transparent, have deep attention to detail. In addition, as we’ve worked with over a dozen different development firms all around the world, I must say that Akveo has been by far the most trustworthy which is to be the most important trait when considering outsourced software development. Lastly, their prices reflect the high quality of the services they deliver.

Tae Lee

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