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Digital Clinic Mobile Template

Implement remote patient monitoring with ready to use template for digital clinic mobile app and save up to 73% of your development time.
Features for telemedicine platforms are included.


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The remote patient monitoring market is expected to reach US$31.326 billion by the end of 2023, increasing for 50% since 2017.

Speed up a creation of high-class digital product

Use this ready-made mobile template for Healthcare services delivery to implement your digital solution in 2 times faster.

Why use a Digital Clinic Dashboard?

  • To speed up a development process of your own digital app;
  • To connect your doctors and patients remotely;
  • To offer your clients more savefull approach;
  • To expand your work practice by making yourself accessible to any patient calling on the network.

Telemedicine is seeing an unprecedented demand now as people around the globe are being advised to self-quarantine. And even after the crisis ends there still will be the necessity for a quick and comfort way of getting medical help. Remote appointments are more affordable than visiting a doctor in person and they save time.

Digital Clinic is a Dashboard for medical centers, clinics and hospitals to speed up development of their own tools for better communication with clients and visitors.  

Options available for visitors and patients:

Online booking

  • Book an appointment with a doctor online or live;
  • Fill in basic info about the problem;
  • See next appointments in personal calendar;
  • Receive notifications on upcoming appointments.

Virtual access to specialists

  • Holding a video-call with a doctor;
  • Sending messages with symptoms description, including photos;
  • Get recommendations and prescriptions online;

Payment and Feedback Online

  • Fill in the form with questions after the visit;
  • Leave any feedback
  • Pay for the service online and get a check.


  • Exploring information about the clinic and its specialization;
  • Exploring services (urgent care, primary care, preventive care etc);
  • Getting info whether his insurance cover necessary services or not;
  • Reading prof articles on medical topics.

Digital Clinic is implemented as a mobile application with frontend implementation.

It’s goal is to make  faster, easier and more efficient access to medical specialists whenever and wherever the person needs them. 

It’s easy to customize for your individual request and necessary options.

Digital Clinic Template

Features and Benefits

Remote approach to patients: regular follow-up(s) and health care in general

Online payments and check, recepies exchange

Efficient access to medical specialists and work practice expansion

Digital Clinic Screens

Digital Clinic mainDigital Clinic startDigital Clinic accountDigital Clinic ApointmentDigital clinic callingDigital Clinic RadiologyDigital Clinic CategoryDigital Clinic client ProfileDigital Clinic MapDigital Clinic articlesDigital Clinic BookingDigital Clinic chatDigital Clinic MedicineDigital Clinic doctors listDigital Clinic Reviews

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