Data Engineering

Provide transparency to your business and discover valuable insights out of data.

Why Customers Choose Akveo

∙ We combine BI technical expertise with business domain expertise.
∙ We drive cost effective solutions, designed to match your goals, your timeline and your budget.
∙ We are experts at Data Engineering.
∙ We have a proven track record of successful project delivery.

We can assist you with:
Data Platform Design

Our team will help you build a state-of-the-art data and analytics platform design meeting the various needs of your users.

Database Development

We will use our best practises to deliver maximum efficiency to your custom database development that will allow you to generate more value!

Data Warehousing

Our experienced cross-platform team will assist you in data storage and will meet all your needs and business requirements.

Business Intelligence

We'll apply the experience we've got while implementing BI solutions to drive better outcomes to your projects.

IoT real time analytics, Big Data

We’re ready to help you with Big Data Analytics and cutting-edge Business Intelligence tools to best meet the needs of your customers.

Reporting and Data Visualization

We're eager to cope with any data visualization challenges you face, be it health checking and maintaining your existing data visualization solution, designing and developing a new one, etc.

ETL/ELT Development

We’ll be happy to assist you with the development and tech support of lightweight, flexible, and transparent ETL systems for extracting all important data from your sources.

Web Scraping

We can extract data from any website so that you can not only identify useful and relevant information, but also store this information for your future business use.

Technologies we use
Transactional and Analytical Data Storage

∙ Microsoft SQL Server
∙ Azure SQL Database
∙ Snowflake
∙ Oracle
∙ Mongo

Cloud Computing

∙ Azure

Data Integration and Transformation

∙ Azure Data Factory
∙ Apache Airflow

Information Visualization

∙ Power BI
∙ Tableau
∙ TIBCO Spotfire
∙ SQL Server Reporting Services

Data Analysis

∙ Azure Data Explorer
∙ Azure Stream Analytics
∙ SQL Server Analysis Services
∙ Databricks


∙ Microsoft IoT Hub


∙ JavaScript
∙ Python
∙ R

Key Features Our Projects Deliver

Fully scalable data driven solutions, which provides manufacturers with the insights of the production process allowing monitoring, predicting and making the right actions in the right time.


Modern cloud-based technology stack (Azure, AWS) which allows to save resources on maintenance.


Automated process of gathering data.


Real time asset monitoring and immediate failure notifications.


Detection of data anomalies and hints for fixing it.


What Our Customers Say

Akveo is one of the best companies we've had a pleasure to work with. Staying extremely professional, they provided us with top-notch services. The app performed as expected, and we've got the excellent early user feedback. We were continually impressed with Akveo's project management skills, and the quality of their deliverables.

Carlos Pavão

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