Technology Consulting

Let our consultants help you design and implement an effective IT strategy, conduct digital transformation, and integrate your systems smoothly.

Why Choose Akveo?

We'll apply our knowledge of processes, technologies & tools to offer you an IT strategy designed to meet your customers' evolving needs.

Do not try to reinvent the wheel - let us show you an effective way of combining the solutions available on the market with the custom software to increase your business efficiency.

We will help you with keeping pace with the times to drive out your competitors.

We are Ready to Help You With:


Product Discovery
Need to create a product that your users really need? We'll carry out all the necessary market research for you, and help you achieve product-market fit with the reduced costs.


Product Strategy and Development
Can't make up your mind what to build, and which technologies to use in the development process? We'll apply our extensive experience to map out a clear strategy to provide you with a sustainable product.


Teams can't make smart decisions without the metrics that matter. To provide you with them, we build an effective analytics system within your product, so that to make you sure there are no features in your solution causing confusion from your users.






Our Workflow
Our team has the necessary expertise to help you at the stages of solution design, implementation, testing, and launch.
Technology stack:
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What Our Customers Say

How We Built iOS, Android, and Web Apps for a Startup for the Price of One

Our business has expanded thanks to Akveo’s high-end services! Their contribution has exceeded our initial requirements. Being solution-oriented, Akveo's team establishes strong partnership relations to bring their clients tangible benefits. They always suggest innovative solutions, and remain open to any discussion.

Amy Curran

Principal Consultant, Velum Management
The Advantages You Get From the Cooperation With Us:
We always do our best to clarify IT-related aspects for everyone, from development gurus to general users with no coding skills. Our team works hard to simplify customization for you, allow you to implement universal changes in one click, speed up project delivery, and avoid vendor or technology lock-in. We have some secret elements that will help us bring these and other benefits to you:
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Our Top-Notch Open Source Products Designed to nurture your most audacious ideas. Verified and trusted by thousands of Open Source devotees.


Devoted Expert Team Сonsultants, business analysts (BAs), developers, and QAs ready to help you embody your ideas as fast as possible.


Empathetic Designers UI & UX professionals eager to help you drive out your competitors by creating immersive UI & UX designs.


Expert Full-Stack Developers Skilled full-stack software engineers wholeheartedly devoted to making software development happen flawlessly and quickly.


*Based on 100+ projects we delivered

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