Technology Consulting

Secure your spot in the digital world by finding efficient solutions, fast.

Our approach

Beating competitors is hard if you're not looking into the digital future. Our knowledge of processes and tools helps us to suggest the best strategy that can help you satisfy always evolving consumer's needs. Never reinvent the wheel and create a unique combination of solutions available on the market and custom software that can help you be the leader of your industry.

We offer:

Product discovery and analytics

Never build anything that users will not use. By conducting researches we helped our clients to save hundreds of thousands dollars, smoothing their way on finding product-market-fit.

Product strategy and development

Don't know what to develop first and which technologies/solutions to use? Our extensive experience will help not to over-engineer from the start, but to be prepared for scaling.


If something is not measured, you can't make smart decision about it. We help to build the right analytics system within your system so that every product increment will bring value.

A Client Testimonial

Business has expanded thanks to Akveo’s pattern of high-quality deliveries. With original insights, Akveo’s contributions exceed baseline requirement fulfillment. Their consistent communication and solution-oriented approach make for smooth partnerships and tangible benefits. Akveo is always suggesting innovative solutions and remains open and accessible. Their quality is also consistently high.

Amy Curran – Principal Consultant, Velum Management


We are obsessed with making IT simple for everyone from dev gurus to citizen users with no coding skills. Imagine this - changes are universal with one click, customizations are easy and bring no regression, projects delivered fast, with no overhead, no vendor or technology lock in. We bring this philosophy to Open Source and deliver to our customers.

The Heart

Our Free and Open Source products power and nurture most audacious client ideas. Verified and trusted by thousands of Open-Source lovers.

The Mind

From an idea to future proof architecture, our consultants, business analysts, developers and quality engineers are ready to helpat any step of the path.

The Vision

Clothes do not make the man, but design makes the product. Our UI and UX designers create immersive experiences that stick.

The Speed

Our team consists of full-stack software experts who are truly passionate about flawless engineering. We run Fast and accelerate delivery with our products’ heartbeat.

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