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Our experienced team is ready to provide you with mobile application consulting, design, development, support, and evoluation.

Our customer story

Felmo is A German-based company in the field of veterinary services. Clients' need was to develop a mobile app that connects vet clinics and pet owners looking for medical care services online.
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Lars Giere, Co-Founder at Felmo talking about working with Akveo and building the Felmo app.

Why build your app with us?

We use Akveo’s open source products (Eva Design System, React Native UI Kitten, and more) and third-party advanced technologies to deliver impressive native and cross-platform (hybrid) applications.

With the mobile solutions we develop, you'll conquer the market faster and significantly reduce development costs.

Keep up with the times

Here at Akveo, we won’t let a single trend flow under our radar. Without further ado, let’s find out what trends are shaping the industry of mobile development in 2021.
Head of mobile at Akveo on Mobile development trends to watch in 2021

We are ready to help you with


Mobile App Consulting

We apply our experience in data analytics, Internet of Things, Mobile Banking, and other fields to analyze your business needs and validate business ideas, plan your mobile solution architecture, and provide you with comprehensive consultations on digital transformation.


Branded Mobile App Design

Our expert UI/UX designers will help you match your mobile app(s) with your brand to increase brand awareness, and build stunning app design(s) to greatly enhance your mobile app user experience.


Mobile App Development

We will help you rebuild your existing mobile app, or develop an absolutely new one from scratch. We have the necessary expertise to develop a white-label application or a custom application to suit your needs. Our development team is proficient in native application development (for Android, iOS, Windows Phone) and cross-platform (hybrid) app development (for example, on React Native).


Backend Development for Mobile Apps

Our development team is ready to apply their expertise to create secure backends for your mobile application, and further integrate it with your mobile app.


Mobile App Support

We will deliver any type of mobile application testing to ensure the high quality of your application(s).


Mobile App Upgrade

Our team will help you with fine-tuning your mobile applications and enhancing their functionality to help you improve your mobile app user experience. We’ll assist you in modernizing your apps to greatly boost their performance.
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Our workflow

Our team has the necessary expertise to help you at the stages of solution design, implementation, testing, and launch.

Technology stack:

React Native
Ionic 2
UI Kitten

What our customers say

Felmo review

We can absolutely recommend Akveo.

Akveo has been a tremendous asset to our company when it comes to software development. They have always done a great job listening to our ideas and turning them into workable prototypes. It is this combination of logic and creativity that makes them experts in interface design and usability. The clear lines of communication and the understanding of our needs and expectations make for a successful and efficient working relationship. We can absolutely recommend Akveo anyone looking for a competent, professional partner in the area of software development. They’ve always gotten the job done.

Tobias Kuen

Managing Director

The advantages you get from
cooperation with us

Regardless of your project specifics, we guarantee exclusive development and consulting services including technical, process, and business aspects. We build a long-term partnership taking care of the end result to deliver the software that adds value.
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Simplified mobile app development thanks to ready-to-use UI components our UI Kitten provides.


Front-end development time is reduced by up to 25% with our Open Source React Native UI library.


Simplified UI prototyping process and ensured mobile app consistency. With our Eva Design System, we'll provide you with white-label applications or multi-branded apps much faster.


Visually appealing mobile app UI/UX thanks to the best design practices we apply.


Customizable UI components matching with your brand thanks to Eva Design System functionality.

* Based on 100+ projects we delivered

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