iOS, Android, and Web Apps for Kompartment

How We Built iOS, Android, and Web Apps for a Startup for the Price of One

Delivering apps for multiple platforms using a serverless approach for Australian startup

Client Overview

Individual willing to build a product that would help SMBs to organize their communication and document workflow through a single application accessible from most popular mobile platforms (iOS, Android) and Web.


The Client originally self-funded the startup, so the budget was quite limited. There was no clear scope at the beginning, so it was important that developers would be able to freely communication with the Client, discuss the requirements and suggest alternative approaches. The Client also wanted to build a serverless application so that the backend would be managed by some platform.

Scope of Work

  • Mobile application development
  • Development and management of backend data structures using Firebase
  • Website design
  • Design of Mobile Application screens


To support iOS, Android and Web platform maintaining single codebase, the team used Ionic as the base framework. Akveo made a decision to use Ionic 2 with Angular 2, despite Angular was still in release candidate state at that time. In future this allowed to save high amount in migrating from Ionic 1. Akveo also provided T-shaped and self-organized engineers, that were able to directly discuss, manage themselves and suggest the most effective approaches in terms of Client goals and efforts required.

Technology Stack

  • Ionic framework with Typescript
  • Firebase with its cloud functions as backend

Key Results

The mobile application was tightly integrated into day-to-day workflow of medium-sized Australian construction company, that helped them to improve their processes and day-to-day work.

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Technology Stack

Ionic Framework

What Our Customers Say

How We Built iOS, Android, and Web Apps for a Startup for the Price of One

Our business has expanded thanks to Akveo’s high-end services! Their contribution has exceeded our initial requirements. Being solution-oriented, Akveo's team establishes strong partnership relations to bring their clients tangible benefits. They always suggest innovative solutions, and remain open to any discussion.

Amy Curran

Principal Consultant, Velum Management

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