Scalability and Control

Customized fleet management tools are all about scalability and increased fleet efficiency. Custom-made solutions allow fleet managers to closely monitor vehicle conditions, control drivers' behavior, and understand fuel consumption patterns. In other words, custom fleet management software provides you with all the data to manage your vehicles effectively.

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Fleet Management System Features

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GPS Vehicle Tracking

Fleet vehicle tracking is an integral part of any first-rate fleet management software. Using GPS vehicle tracking, fleet managers know exactly where their trucks are, including routes, stops, and idle time. Besides, fleet tracking provides drivers with geofences, allows sharing ETAs with clients, and contains a detailed history of trips.

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Notifications and Alerts

Notifications help fleet operators to respond in time to an emergency concerning both vehicles and drivers. If there's an unexpected situation on the road, fleet managers receive an alert so they can act proactively and solve a problem in a quick and cost-efficient manner.

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Vehicle Proactive Maintenance

Fleet managers can collect and analyze the diagnostics data to keep every aspect of fleet maintenance under control and act proactively. Once the feature is activated, you get notifications on scheduled checkups and repairs.

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Fuel Management

Increased fuel costs are one of the main factors that lead to higher operating expenses of a fleet. Do you know exactly how much fuel costs you? Fuel consumption monitoring allows controlling and optimizing excessive fuel usage from engine idling, fuel stealing, or dangerous driving.

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Driver Behavior

A proper fleet management software generates reports to track driver behavior. This way, fleet operators get notified about alarming driving such as speedy acceleration, harsh braking, or high RPM. It gets easier to introduce driver training and implement a safety policy within your fleet with such metrics at hand.

Fleet Management Solutions Comparison

The table includes various options available in the market. Check out features, fleet management software reviews, and pricing plans to make a decision that best suits your company's needs.

Trimple Transportation (Peoplenet)
Element Fleet Management
Verizon Connect
Omnitracs GPS
Price Per Vehicle
Per an EDL device
+ the monthly subscription of $49. Each solution requires additional subscription.
A custom subscription, the EDL device’s price is already included (about $60 for each device per month).
The EDL device costs $100-150 and the monthly subscription is about $50
Real-time tracking
Fuel consumption
But requires additional subscription.
13 more >
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The Benefits of Fleet Management Dashboard Development

A proper fleet management solution allows to:

Get all your fleet data processing in one place;
Analyze business revenue and calculate financial statistics;
Plan vehicle's diagnostic and forecast maintenance costs;
Track vehicles in real-time;
Plan routes and drivers workload.
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Fleet Management Template

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A reliable front-end for fleet management development

Do you develop fleet management software and need a proper front-end or UI/UX? Just leave it to us. The Fleet Management System Dashboard template provides a striking visual foundation for solutions of any complexity, so you don’t have to create the UI from scratch.

Fleet Management Template

Akveo expertise in Custom Fleet Management Software Development

For the last three years, Akveo has been developing software that supports logistics companies all over the world. We help original manufacturers and fleet operating companies to automate operations and make data-based decisions. So far, we have designed 10+ products in the telematics and automotive domain and would be happy to help with your solution.

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Why Choose Us for Fleet Management & Maintenance Development

With the growing competition in the industry, managing a fleet is a tricky business unless you catch up with all fleet-related aspects. Our experience allows us to develop reliable fleet management solutions for both big and small fleets.

This basically means that we can create a custom solution that fits your exact needs and requirements. Compatible with all existing Internet browsers, our custom-built free fleet management dashboard templates are mobile-friendly and easily accessible from personal computers, smartphones, or tablets.

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