Fleet management software:
benefits, metrics and value

Following the global digitalization trend, fleet management systems provide analytical data that improves the bottom line of a fleet. Such solutions allow fleet managers to take a more in-depth look at the operational activities, check trucks’ location in real-time, get stats on maintenance costs, and control the hidden expenses.

Fleet Management Software Solutions Template
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Increased efficiency

Fleet management solutions provide detailed reports that turn raw data into actionable insights. Such reports help fleet managers to pinpoint areas that need improvements.

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Updates and insights

When integrated with a monitoring system, the software allows dispatchers to control their fleet in real-time. This way, when the permissible downtime is exceeded, managers get a notification.

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Improved maintenance

Fleet management solutions ensure all maintenance measures are done on time. For instance, spare parts and consumables must be changed regularly without overrun.

Fleet Management Solutions Comparison

The table includes various options available in the market. Check out features, reviews, and pricing plans to make a decision that best suits your company's needs.

Trimple Transportation (Peoplenet)
Element Fleet Management
Verizon Connect
Omnitracs GPS
Price Per Vehicle
Per an EDL device
+ the monthly subscription of $49. Each solution requires additional subscription.
A custom subscription, the EDL device’s price is already included (about $60 for each device per month).
The EDL device costs $100-150 and the monthly subscription is about $50
Real-time tracking
Fuel consumption
But requires additional subscription.
13 more >
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The Benefits of Fleet Management Dashboard

A proper fleet management solution allows to:

Get all your fleet data processing in one place;
Plan vehicle's diagnostic and forecast maintenance costs;
Track vehicles in real-time;
Plan routes and drivers workload;
Analyze business revenue and calculate financial statistics.
NGX Admin Template
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A reliable front-end for fleet management solutions

Do you develop fleet management software and need a proper front-end or UI/UX? Just leave it to us. The Fleet Management Dashboard template provides a striking visual foundation for solutions of any complexity, so you don’t have to create the UI from scratch.

Fleet Management Software Solutions Template Iot

Akveo expertise in Fleet Management solutions

For the last three years, Akveo has been developing software that supports logistics companies all over the world. We help original manufacturers and fleet operating companies to automate operations and make data-based decisions. So far, we have designed 10+ products in the telematics and automotive domain and would be happy to help with your solution.

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