How We Reduced App Development and Maintenance Costs by 70% for an IT Company

How migration to the new technology allowed to reduce maintenance costs and new functionality delivery efforts

Client Overview

A software development company, providing enterprise application development services, systems integration, and many other custom software development services to optimize business processes through IT, including consultations with end clients.


The client originally requested Akveo to develop new features for existing application written in older version of Phonegap. During analysis phase we identified that if technology would be switched to React Native, new feature development, maintenance costs can be significantly decreased while application performance and user friendliness will be improved. It was also important to keep compatibility with existing the database and API. The application had to be offline first, data synchronization should happen when internet connection is available. The design and navigation of the mobile application should be handy for non-tech people.

Scope of Work

  • Mobile application development
  • Development of backend API services 
  • UX Audit
  • Design of Mobile Application screens
  • User acceptance testing (UAT) series. UAT – also called User Acceptance Testing when an application is tested in the "real world" by the prospect audience.  
  • Improvements and incremental updates of existing Admin web application
  • Deployment and Continuous Integration of mobile and backend parts


In order to understand the end-user needs and new business workflow, we established periodical communication sessions with the client stakeholders, who were connected with future users and knew the business logic of the project well. 

Within the project, more than 10 User acceptance testing (UAT) series was conducted. The UAT series has shown the application is intuitive for end-users who are non-tech people. In fact, each sequential UAT of the same functionalities took less time than the previous.

To save the functional logic of the current application but make the UI easier at the same time, we provided a UX Audit phase.

In order to implement a similar look and feel of mobile applications in different platforms (iOS, Android), we used to React Native UI Kitten component library for mobile application development.

Realm – a mobile database, was applied to the solution with an Offline First approach. It allows one to provide secure data storage on devices, making complete data requests and uses data without network access.

Technology Stack

  • React Native with Typescript and UI Kitten library for a cross-platform mobile frontend
  • .NET with Web API and Dapper for backend services
  • SQL Server as database
  • Angular for the frontend of Admin panel

Key Results

The new mobile application has received a range of UX-improvements. According to client feedback, the user experience of mobile application in offline mode is transparent and predictable, no more synchronization issues were reported in the new application. New backend API successfully uses an existing database, which leads to backward compatibility with previous services and application.

by 70%
App development and maintenance costs reduction
User acceptance tests were conducted
Platforms (iOS, Android) supported by a single codebase
Happy end-users using the app daily

Technology Stack

SQL Server
React Native

“I couldn’t ask for a better company.”

Highly professional and organized team! They efficiently allocated technical resources and assigned senior-level experts for our project, which was exactly what we needed. We had to stay within budget, so didn't want to hire new people for the project. Akveo's team managed to avoid high costs and complete the project in short terms!

CTO, Compass Point Systems
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