How we helped an Italian Bank to get a competitive edge in the factoring market

A factoring solution based on the Angular platform.

Developing a factoring solution for Bank

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Client overview

CodiceWeb Banking Innovation (CWBI) is an IT&C company that provides a wide array of services and solutions for the Banking & Finance sector. Targeted primarily at payment service providers in the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) market, the client concentrates its business efforts on Online Banking ePayments (OBeP) model and mobile channels.


The client contacted Akveo to begin cooperation on developing a factoring solution for its end client, an Italian bank. Due to simplified procedures and legislation, the European lending industry is on the rise now, and the demand for solutions of such type is quite high. At the same time, the solution demanded both thorough analysis and research of complicated business processes on our end. Following the kick-off meeting with the client, the team of Akveo set an ambitious goal of developing an elaborate system that would meet CWBI’s expectations to the fullest.

The project contained several major challenges: 

  • Working on a tight timeframe, the team of Akveo had to deliver the project within one month. 
  • Some of the pages of the solution were not fully designed. Thus, there was a need to create the rest in accordance with the application’s overall look and feel.
  • There was no possibility to work with real data endpoints due to security reasons. The team had to resort to data mockups while developing the project.

Scope of work

The eventual goal of the project was to deliver an Angular-based application that stands on existing mockups. The client requested that all the UI components would be Nebular-styled while the API endpoints based around made-up data.


The product is currently used by hundreds of bank’s customers, with additional features scheduled to be added in the solution's next update. The outcome of the project is a robust factoring system with a rich set of features. Following a fixed-price model, the team of Akveo implemented the following solution's modules:

  • The home page with general statistics and information about main suppliers;
  • The profile page with the ability to manage user profiles;
  • The suppliers’ list page that contains their details;
  • The invoices page with the ability to choose invoices for factoring;
  • The cart page with the ability to confirm selected invoices with e-signature to send factoring requests to a bank.

Technology stack

The following technologies were used during the project:

  • Angular;
  • Apache Subversion;
  • RxJS.
Developing a factoring solution for Bank

Key Results

Despite an intensive race against time, the team of four people (two developers, a BA, and a team lead) managed to deliver the project within one month. Working in close cooperation with the client via daily demos, we had drawn up a detailed development plan that contributed to the early project’s completion. 

The bank successfully launched the solution to diversify its loan portfolio and secure a competitive advantage in the Italian factoring market. The product is currently used by hundreds of customers, with additional features scheduled to be added on the client side.

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Technology Stack

Apache Subversion
Apache Subversion

What Our Customers Say

With Akveo, we were able to deliver the project for our end-client within the agreed timelines.

With Akveo, we were able to deliver the project for our end-client within the agreed timelines.

This allowed our end-client to provide the product for their customers as planned. We really appreciate their level of detail and the accountability they have demonstrated on the project. As well as their efficient customer service, their willingness to accommodate our need for occasional requests, and the way they conducted the business as a whole”.

Gianina Biserica

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