How we helped the client to optimize costs and bring a unified corporate style to their products

Upgrade of the front-end stack to Angular 2.0 and design guidelines leverage.

Mitel Networks ng2-admin based demo app

Client overview:

Mitel Networks Corporation is a Canadian telecommunications company that focuses almost entirely on Voice-over-IP (VoIP) products.


Before contacting Akveo, the company used to apply different approaches and frameworks when building UI applications. As a result, some company's products looked really different from the others. Thus, the client wanted to establish a unified corporate style between different apps.

The Client planned to upgrade their technology and design stack to create a brand new user experience for their telecommunication applications. Having chosen Angular 2 as their main front-end stack, the client needed professionals to implement all of their ideas.

Mitel wanted to create a base framework that would be used by most of the teams within the organization to optimize costs and bring a unified style guide across their products.

Scope of work

Mitel provided AKVEO with their style guide document. The task was to implement these style guides into AKVEO’s ng2-admin Angular 2 template while saving animations that were already available in ng2-admin.

As a result, the plan was to deliver following:

  • Angular UI Kit based on the Mitel Style guide.
  • A documentation website containing component description and usage examples.
  • A demo application that could be used as a starting point for Mitel teams when building new applications.


Akveo delivered several projects to satisfy client’s requirements.

  • Angular 2 -based component kit based on the style guidelines provided by Mitel Networks. It consisted of:
  1. Layout, sidebar, header, footer components
  2. Different form inputs
  3. Charts
  4. Login/Signup -related components
  5. Tables 
  6. Modals
  7. Charts
  8. Custom icon library
  • A documentation website containing component description and usage examples
  • ng2-admin based demo application

Technology stack: 

  • Angular 2 
  • Saas 
  • Webpack
  • Rollup 
  • Typescript 
  • TSLint


  • 30+ components with unified styling and different settings.
  • A documentation website with examples for Mitel software engineers.
  • 2 Mitel teams are using the framework for developing their apps.

Key Results

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