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Top 7 nicely looking free open-source Angular projects

Top 7 nicely looking free open-source Angular projects thumbnail
Have you ever had to pile up a bunch of information to find the template you need for your project? We’ve been there. This time we've prepared for you the list of free and cool open-source dashboards 2018 that we think are quite competitive to ours. 
We’ve been surfing on GitHub and got lucky with some...
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How Angular detects changes

How Angular detects changes thumbnail
Hey Guys! Every developer wants to build fast and robust Angular applications. But to be able to, you need to dive into the Angular internal structure and obtain comprehensive understanding how it works and sometimes it is not that easy from the first try. In this article, I'll try to give you a superficial idea of how Angular...
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Application State Management with MobX in Angular

Application State Management with MobX in Angular thumbnail
Hey guys, this post is dedicated to our recent conference presentation about using MobX in angular. We will cover following points in the article: What is state management and how to make it painless Classic observer-observable patterns and how MobX uses it How to apply MobX in angular application Couple of MobX tricks to know State Management What...
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Nebular rc.5 is out. What's new?

Nebular rc.5 is out. What's new? thumbnail
Hey there! For the last three weeks our Nebular team has been busy preparing the next release that gets a rc.5 version. With this release, as usual, we have fixed a list of major bugs and also introduced a couple of very useful components for the Theme Module. So we'd like to tell you more about it....
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Frank talk

Frank talk thumbnail
As ngx-admin was a big project for us, we decided to put a bit more efforts and share our feelings about it. The idea to write a story reminded us a bit of that kinda documentary movie where actors are interviewed after a movie’s been released. We liked it though! Kinda superstar-ish. Yet it is made just...
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