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Nebular rc.5 is out. What's new?

Nebular rc.5 is out. What's new? thumbnail
Hey there! For the last three weeks our Nebular team has been busy preparing the next release that gets a rc.5 version. With this release, as usual, we have fixed a list of major bugs and also introduced a couple of very useful components for the Theme Module. So we'd like to tell you more about it....
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Frank talk

Frank talk thumbnail
As ngx-admin was a big project for us, we decided to put a bit more efforts and share our feelings about it. The idea to write a story reminded us a bit of that kinda documentary movie where actors are interviewed after a movie’s been released. We liked it though! Kinda superstar-ish. Yet it is made just...
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Post-Release of Ngx-Admin and Nebular in a Nutshell

Post-Release of Ngx-Admin and Nebular in a Nutshell thumbnail
Preamble Hi there! Some time has passed since we created last post-release-product story. Maybe some of you thought that we had given up on these projects. Well, you might have underestimated us then. We worked truly hard on the successor of ng2-admin. There was a time when we felt desperate about what to do next and how. To...
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Long story short

Long story short thumbnail
Hello everyone! My name is Alexei and I am a mobile developer at Akveo. Recently our company has released the new version of our UI framework - React Native UI Kitten and also a demo application based on this framework – Kitten Tricks. Both are free and open-source and have already gained over 3000 stars total on GitHub. It’...
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Kitten Tricks app is out!

Kitten Tricks app is out! thumbnail
Three, two, one, go! Kitten is taking off! During several recent months we have been working really hard to bring our open-source react native products to the next level. We know that our initial attempt with react-native-ui-kitten was not really successful because of lack of functionality, no Android support and some other things. But we're not the ones...
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