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Top free Material Admin Dashboards 2022

Alexandra Skorobogataya
Alexandra Skorobogataya

Product Manager

July 28, 2020


Top free Material Admin Dashboards 2022

Top free Material Admin Dashboards 2022

Alexandra Skorobogataya
Alexandra Skorobogataya

Product Manager

July 28, 2020


Top free Material Admin Dashboards 2022

Top Free Admin Dashboard templates you can use in 2022 to build a well-functioning dashboard without much effort

Gone are the days when in order to get started on a new project, you first have to face a lengthy backend developing process followed by testing and bug fixing step. If the projects’ launch were the same time-consuming as it used to be several years ago, in no way would they survive the current day competitions, when decisions need to be taken in almost no time.

Nowadays, dashboard creation is much easier thanks to a number of material admin templates available free of charge as open-source files. Owing to them, we no longer talk about developing a dashboard from scratch, but more like constructing it from the number of already built-in modules.

We prepared the list of top free material admin dashboard templates with at least one pre-built dashboard homepage and a set of UI elements to customize the page for a user’s needs. Templates that we listed here are built upon either the latest angular or bootstrap framework and could be applied for a wide range of backend projects, both for personal and commercial projects.

So, without any further delay, let have a look at the top free Material Admin Dashboards available in 2022.

Top Free Admin Dashboard Templates

1. CoreUI

CoreUI is an Angular & Bootstrap 4 based admin template. You can characterize it as simple in use with a number of essential features needed to create an admin panel or a dashboard. CoreUI is built on top of the most popular frameworks and technologies and offers a variety of customizable UI components.

At the free version of Core UI you will find more than fifty UI components, four template pages, and a variety of charts, forms, and notifications. Among the other things, the template also comes in dark and light layout versions, offers high-quality icons and flags, standard and outlined buttons, and dropdown menu.

The company also provides a free support service and guarantees the reply within 48 hours after the request is sent.


More Info/Demo/GitHub

2. Light Bootstrap Dashboard Angular

Built on top of Bootstrap 4, Light Bootstrap Dashboard provides a responsive and customizable interface to make work on it easy and pleasing for the eye. It comes with a big collection of elements that will offer you multiple possibilities to create a web application that best meets your needs.

The product represents a big suite of front-end developer tools and provides all the necessary CSS resources to help you jump in and start your project. It is created with all practicalities in mind — all plugins were carefully picked with regard to each other’s role and compatibility within the Light Bootstrap Dashboard.

The template consists of 16 UI elements, 4 example pages, and 4 customized plugins. The dashboard is MIT- licensed, thus you can feel free to use it both for personal and commercial purposes.

Light Bootstrap Dashboard Angular

More info/Demo/GitHub

3. Able Pro Angular 9 Free Admin Dashboard

Built on the base of Angular 9 with the Bootstrap 4 framework, Able Pro dashboard template offers plenty of elements to meet your admin dashboards.

Able Pro dashboard template is well-known for a variety of pages and pre-built components with fully developer-centric code. The focus of the whole developing process was around performance and design, and in relation to these two factors, the developers carried out numerous testing and code optimization.

The free version provides a default dashboard with basic material design components and three mockups for the Signup, Sign in, and Error Pages. Able Pro Angular is delivered under MIT license — you can feel free about choosing the Able Pro dashboard for personal and commercial usage.

Able Pro Angular 9 Free Admin Dashboard

More info/Demo/GitHub

4. Admin Pro Angular 9 Lite

Admin Pro Angular Dashboard is a powerful Angular 9 based angular admin template that is often used for admin dashboards and control admin panels. Its free version has a number of components essential to building a well-functioning admin dashboard. Users love its minimalistic design and moderate color tone.

With the free version of the Admin Angular theme, you can give your project a brand-new factory-fresh look with seven different page templates, ten UI elements, and more than ten plugins. Also, despite being a free version, Admin Angular 9 Lite grants unlimited updates for a lifetime.

Essential to keep in mind: You can use AdminPro Angular 9 Lite for your personal or hobby projects, upgrade to the pro version for commercial use.

Admin Pro Angular 9 Lite

More info/Demo/GitHub

5. Elite Angular 9 Lite

Another most demanded free, open-source Angular template is Elite Angular 9 Lite. Elite Angular 9 Lite is a powerful and easily customizable angular admin template that can be adjusted for any app or a website. It is simple in usage and modern when it comes to all recent features and material design solutions — many developers have used it throughout the world in different projects.

Among the features of the free version of Elite Angular 9 Lite, you will find seven template pages, ten UI components, more than ten integrated plugins, built-in widgets, and many more. And as one more integrated feature, you will get lifetime free updates using Elite Angular 9 Lite.

Elite Angular 9 Lite

More info/Demo/GitHub

6. Ample Bootstrap Admin Lite

Ample Bootstrap Admin Lite is a free, open-source Bootstrap Dashboard Admin Template with a broad scope of features and material design components. It is one of the richest dashboards when it comes to customization and individual design implementation.

Ample Bootstrap Admin Lite is a perfect fit for those who don’t want to spend a lot of time developing a dashboard from scratch but still want to receive something that is intuitive in use and meets all operational demands. And with Ample Bootstrap Admin Lite you can release your project without pricy developers and designers.

Inside the free version of Ample Bootstrap Admin Lite you will find seven page templates, ten UI elements, ten plugins, several built-in widgets, to name a few. You are also guaranteed with lifetime updates.

Ample Bootstrap Admin Lite

More info/Demo/GitHub

7. Ngx-admin

Ngx-admin was built by Akveo Angular development company with Angular 9, Bootstrap 4, and Nebular 4. It uses the Sass preprocessor, has Eva Design System support, and doesn’t come anywhere near jQuery.

The ngx-admin template offers 2 pre-built default dashboards and a UI kit with more than 100 UI elements, among which you will find different graphs, charts, icons, animated searches, modals and overlays, Google maps, forms, and many other elements. The admin console dashboard also has mockups of four standard web app pages, such as login page, registration page, request password page, and reset password page.

To cater to everyone’s taste, this admin template is customizable and equipped with four neat color themes. It also provides configurable, responsive layouts, so that you can choose where to place the sidebar or how to align the whole dashboard.

You can safely use ngx-admin in your project for personal and commercial purposes, as it is MIT-licensed.

Additionally to the free dashboard template itself, Akveo provides free support for ngx-admin. And if you’re interested, you can purchase a backend bundle for integrating ngx-admin with your app’s server-side easier.


More info/Demo/GitHub

8. Flat Able Angular 9 Free Admin Template

Flat Able Angular 9 is another open-source complete solution built using Angular 9 with the Bootstrap framework, that allows you to create a dashboard for your project free of charge. With its well-structured and error-free code, Flat Able Angular 9 can be applied for any type of back-end application project.

Flat Able Angular 9 has comprehensive features to offer. It comes with 16+ UI components, 2 template pages (Login, Registration), 4 page layouts, widgets, themify icons, menu level and sample page, Google maps. You can apply Flat Able Angular 9 to personal and commercial projects, as it is licensed under MIT.

Going with Flat Able Angular 9 Admin Template will save you plenty of time if you were developing a back-end solution from scratch.

Flat Able Angular 9 Free Admin Template

More info/Demo/Github

9. Pixel Bootstrap Admin Lite

Pixel Bootstrap Admin Lite is a Bootstrap admin template with a set of required features for creating a perfect material dashboard. It is one of the most robust and powerful Bootstraps admin templates available for free for an app or a project.

Pixel Bootstrap Admin Lite can be successfully applied for different project profiles such as admin sites and panels, e-commerce systems, web app backend, mobile admin, CRM, and other project management systems. The admin template provides a range of features to customize the page and give it your brand feeling. You will have several preset styles, interesting color schemes, efficient UI components for your disposal.

With the free version of Pixel Bootstrap Admin Lite, you will get 6 page templates, 10 UI components, 10 Integrated plugins, ready to Use widgets, 3 table examples, 100+ Font Icons, to name a few.

Pixel Bootstrap Admin Lite

More info/Demo/Github

10. Maruti Bootstrap Admin

Maruti Bootstrap Admin is a free Bootstrap material dashboard template for software backends, dashboards, admin panels, e-commerce systems, and other similar projects.

It offers one basic dashboard, more than six pages template, 10+ UI components, basic table examples, widgets, and gallery page. You can use Maruti Bootstrap Admin Lite only for personal projects. For the commercial ones — you need to purchase the Pro version.

Maruti Bootstrap Admin

More Info/Demo/Github

11. Angular Admin

Angular Admin is an open-source multipurpose admin template built on the base of Bootstrap 4 and Angular 9 frameworks. It is compatible with all devices and applications, offers responsive layout and custom UI elements for exceptional user experience, and plenty of integrated charts for a comprehensive visual perception and clear data datasets distinction. Developer-friendly HTML5 and CSS3 code will enable you to easily create components, directives, and make other changes inside the template.

Angular Admin

More Info/Demo

12. ModularAdmin

Modular Admin is an open-source dashboard template built in a modular way with plenty of UI components like sidebars, headers, footers etc. It won’t make any trouble to customize Modular Admin for your business goals — the template is easy to modify and maintain.


More info and demo/Github

13. Elegant Bootstrap Admin Lite

Elegant Bootstrap Admin Lite is an open-source Bootstrap 4 HTML5 dashboard template, also a free version of Elegant Bootstrap Admin. As the name suggests, Elegant Bootstrap Admin is a minimalistic yet elegant and intuitive dashboard with 6 page templates, 10 UI components, and 10 integrated plugins. While the pro version, Elegant Bootstrap Admin, is for commercial usage, Elegant Bootstrap Admin Lite is completely free to download and use for personal projects.

Elegant Bootstrap Admin Lite

More Info/Demo/Github

14. Ample Bootstrap Admin Lite

One more free material dashboard template that deserves your attention is Ample Bootstrap Admin Lite. With its flexible and responsive design, Ample Bootstrap Admin Lite will be an excellent choice for personal projects. It comes with a bunch of helpful features such as 7 page templates, 10 UI components, 10 integrated plugins, ready-to-use widgets, to name a few.

Image for post

More Info/Demo/Github

15. Next Angular 8

Next Angular Admin is a dashboard template made using Angular 8 & Bootstrap 4 framework to address dashboard requirements of any complexity. It is fully responsive and optimized for all recent browsers. You can download Next Angular 8 for free and use it only for personal projects.

Next Angular 8


Sounds like a wide choice, doesn’t it? With so many dashboard templates available for free, it is hard to find a reason why you would spend money and precious time on the development from scratch. Any of the options mentioned above will make a great fit when you start a new project. Think about the essential features you need and choose a template that offers them.

Once you feel you need more features, you can always switch to the Pro version. All the templates mentioned above come with the advanced paid versions that can offer more curing-edge features. Good luck building your awesome dashboard!

Should you have short-listed our very own ngx-admin template, then we would be glad to offer 10% coupon code FQB2BLOG for you Pro version.

Top Free Admin Dashboard templates you can use in 2022 to build a well-functioning dashboard
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