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Our client is a tour operator based in Germany. The organization is initiating the development of an integrated software solution to centralize and automate the process of creating travel itineraries. The objective of this project was to design and implement a bespoke software tool tailored specifically for internal use by travel agents.



The tool should be designed to enhance efficiency, increase transparency, reduce process-related errors, improve productivity, and develop a robust, proprietary dataset of worldwide travel itineraries. The tool’s interface should source live data from third-party APIs and automate the majority of the itinerary creation process. It should also be able to incorporate manually input static components. The new system aimed to replace manual tasks performed in Google Sheets with automated calculations, offer pre-built templates for efficient itinerary creation, and integrate with HubSpot for CRM, PandaDoc for customer-facing itinerary presentations, and Odoo for back-office processes.

Scope of work

In just 40 hours, we were able to develop a Proof of Concept (PoC) and create a flexible and easy-to-use interface with user authentication and an access management system panel. The inventory management dashboard serves as a comprehensive repository for all itinerary elements and packages, and the dashboard's "Itineraries" feature provides a centralized view of all the itineraries created by travel agents. This rapid result allowed us to test the idea of the new app, and Retool was considered the main tool to replace the existing system.


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