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Startups have a special place in our hearts. So let's write your success story together! Our team has the right skill set to create a prototype, an MVP and help you launch your product faster.


When working with big enterprises, we know that scalability is the key to ensuring long-term business goals. That is why we design every piece of enterprise software architecture with the idea to support your company’s future growth.


Nowadays, mobile devices and cloud services changed the way small and medium businesses operate. We invite small and medium-sized businesses to stand out from the competition with our custom software development services.

Key problems companies worldwide face

and how we solve them


You struggle with finding resources to build a product in-house.

Whether you work under strict deadlines or have insufficient resources, our development team will help you build your product faster. We have several engagement models, and we're ready to embark on your project.


The current team can't meet the project's delivery schedule.

We carefully stick to the estimates on the projects we work on. This helps us build trust and fulfill clients' expectations.


Having a quicker Time to Market is highly relevant to your business.

We use our branded products that significantly speed up the development process and ensure a shorter Time to Market.


You have some questions regarding our products.

We offer training and premium support services to help you overcome any issues you might have.


You’re unsatisfied with the results that the in-house team provides.

As experienced engineers, we can talk to your developers directly. Plus, we can integrate them seamlessly into your team if needed.


There’s a need to start fast and show some progress.

We're experienced in bringing MVPs fast for both large enterprises and startups. As a rule, we deliver projects in time and provide day-to-day consultations to ensure progress.


You find it difficult to employ a skilled development team.

Akveo is a devoted team of engineers, marketing specialists, and designers. We'll help you envision, build, and optimize your digital products and solutions.


You have no specific expertise to deliver the product you want.

We have developers’ community-proven expertise.

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Our Values

We firmly believe that company values play a pivotal part in shaping and growing a modern business. That is why we want to articulate them to our clients.


We maintain friendly and warm relationships while staying firm in business affairs. Our team strives to understand the aspirations of our customers and colleagues.


We embrace challenges with enthusiasm and a can-do mindset. This attitude helps us keep creative abilities fit and help our partners to reach their business goals.


Every Akveo team member masters skills with continuous retrospection, learning, and research to improve every new project.


Akveo working methods enable clients to control the project delivery process with detailed project reports, regular meetings, and workflow management apps.

Our team is growing

We strive to provide the best services for our clients. That is why we continually seek opportunities to add new talent to our team.


Core Team

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Alexei Malashkevich
Chief Executive Officer
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Evgeny Lupanov
Chief Technical Officer
Team photo
Julieta Harutyunyan
Head of QA
Team photo
Marina Dolbik
Head of Production
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Artyom Zankevich
Head of Web Department
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Evgeny Korsak
Startup Expert
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