MVP dashboard for Google Cloud users

Our client helps Google Cloud users to meter & inventory Compute Instances and compile 1-Click cost savings w/ no Engineering Work. Clients get a free savings report within 24 hours.

AWS Cloud
Google Cloud
UI Bakery


The client wants to develop an MVP for e-commerce shops using low-code/no-code services and the Google environment. This way, they want to set some client hypotheses.

Scope of work

The proposed solution has a backend part (AWS Cloud) and front-end part (UI Bakery or Retool).


Our team developed the front-end part using a low-code platform. There are two separate applications: one for customers, and another for Litecloud admin staff.

The customer app contains the following pages: home, savings, reservations, and support.

In the admin app, administrators can see the information about customers, their billing information, and reservations.


The backend consists of a relational database and web service. The database stores all necessary application data (user, reservations, google cloud billing data).

Once users have access to the application, they should set up a service account on their end and provide credentials to Litecloud (possibly via the customer app). Once the backend has read data from BigQuery, it analyzes data and stores it in the database. Prepared billing data with possible savings is fetched by the client app and available for the end user. Plus, users can refresh data by clicking on the refresh button in the app.

MVP architecture


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