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Top 19 Free Angular Admin Dashboard Templates in 2022

Alexandra Skorobogataya
Alexandra Skorobogataya

Product Manager

July 10, 2020


Top 19 Free Angular Admin Dashboard Templates in 2022

Top 19 Free Angular Admin Dashboard Templates in 2022

Alexandra Skorobogataya
Alexandra Skorobogataya

Product Manager

July 10, 2020


Top 19 Free Angular Admin Dashboard Templates in 2022

Today the use of Angular admin dashboard templates is one of the key web development trends for 2022 and beyond. Providing software designers and engineers with a great base for creating their applications, they allow them to save hundreds of hours. As a result, the team can dedicate themselves to other important tasks and activities.

Furthermore, customers become able to reduce costs by thousands of dollars, in some cases up to $30,000-$50,000. Even if your primary objective is to launch a bespoke digital product, most Angular templates offer high customization capabilities, so that you can tailor it to your business needs and goals.

So, how to pick a great Angular dashboard among numerous options? When choosing a template, pay attention to the following things:

  • Design quality. On your web solution, the data should be clearly seen, content should be placed in such a way that users can quickly and easily find the required information. The quality of icons, animations, etc. should be decent. In other words, your web design should be intuitive and modern.
  • Code readability. The code should be easy-to-understand to make the software development process faster. If you have just begun to learn, you should pick an Angular free template that provides detailed starter kits and tutorials.
  • Compliance with the project requirements. Angular admin dashboard should have all the necessary features to build your web application.
  • Reputation and experience of a software development company. Take into account project reviews (e.g., on, GoodFirms), client testimonials, expertise that you can check out in the portfolio and range of services provided by an IT service vendor.

In this article, we have described the 19 best free Angular dashboard templates that you can employ for creating your web application. Let’s get started!

Top 19 Angular dashboard templates you should consider

1. CoreUI


CoreUI is an open-source AngularJS dashboard template, which is available for free. This template is also based on Bootstrap. Since CoreUI has over a hundred customizable components that involve numerous widgets, styles, and layouts, it holds the top spot among open source Angular templates.

Furthermore, the template contains more than 1000 quality icons to design your application. The CoreUI Layout API allows developers to tailor a software project for almost any platform, including mobile and web devices. There is also a paid Pro version where you can get more plugins, UI kits and access to the GitHub repository.

There is also a paid Pro version where you can get more plugins, user interface (UI) kits, and access to the GitHub repository. Extended functionality of this AngularJS template comprises Angular toastr, Angular Translate (a JS translation library for AngularJS), Angular UI Calendar, UI kits on email (Inbox, message, etc.) and invoicing, premium support, etc.


2. Material Dashboard Angular

Material Dashboard Angular

Material Dashboard Angular is another free Angular dashboard template inspired by Material Design for Bootstrap. Created with Angular 9, it helps software designers and engineers develop awesome modern projects. This Angular app template provides a convenient navigation, which is placed mainly on the left sidebar.

Released 3 years ago, it has been downloaded over 100,000 times. One of the key reasons for such high popularity is that the project was built based on the audience feedback. Employing Material Dashboard Angular, you can create digital products such as CRM systems, ERP solui

This product came as a result of users asking for a material dashboard after we released our successful Material Kit and Material Dashboard. We developed it based on your feedback and it is a powerful bootstrap admin dashboard, which allows you to build products like admin panels, content management systems and CRMs.

In the free version, Material Dashboard Angular comes packed with 60 elements, 2 plugins, 3 example pages, documentation, and Sass files.

It also offers a PRO version that contains rich functionality: 200 elements, 15 plugins, 6 embedded page samples, premium support, as well as Sass, Photoshop, and sketch files.


Semantic UI Admin Template

Semantic UI Admin Template

This Angular dashboard template is especially useful if your software project requires a lot of work with charts. SemanticUI is based on AngularJS and employs HTML5. Being highly customizable, it provides web designers and developers with plenty of tools to focus on the business side of your application. This Angular admin template is available free of charge.


4. Ng-admin


Ng-admin is an Angular admin dashboard template that can even be employed by someone with almost zero coding experience. This Angular project is built with AngularJS (with code adhering to its standards) and has multiple cool components that can be used with drag-and-drop technology. As a result, software development teams can create web applications faster and easier. Ng-admin is absolutely free to use, which is another advantage.


RDash Angular Bootstrap

RDash Angular

RDash Angular is an Angular-based template that you can download and use for free. Representing an implementation of the Responsive Dashboard for Angular, it is animated with CSS3 and responsive for Bootstrap 3.

Although RDash Angular does not have a variety of different modules in order to facilitate the work, it includes plenty of recommendations for web project development. This Angular dashboard template can be also employed in the beginning of your career in programming.


6. Joli Admin

Joli Admin

Joli Admin is a very responsive free admin template,  which is based on AngularJS. This app template suits great for creating single-page and multi-page web applications, user/admin dashboards, etc. Joli Admin is compatible with various devices that involve desktops, smartphones, and tablets.

Packed with a set of components such as charts, forms, maps, and tables, it allows designers and engineers to save a lot of time while the customer reduces software development costs.


NGX Admin


Having about 30,000 stars on GitHub, ngx-admin is the most popular admin dashboard template worldwide. Being available totally for free, this open-source solution is built with Angular 9+ and Nebular. In addition, it provides support for the Eva Design System.

With 6 themes, 2 admin dashboards, and awesome UI, ngx-admin can be easily customized to your business-specific needs and requirements. What’s more, it contains rich functionality, including a wide range of beautiful UI components that significantly facilitate the process of building web applications.

The main features of ngx-admin Angular dashboard template:

  • Over 100 UI elements such as charts, graphs, tables, buttons, editors, etc.
  • Integration of UI components with backend services.
  • JWT authentication setup for both backend and user interface.
  • Support for Eva Design System that contains 480+ high-quality icons in various formats: PNG, SVG, sketch, etc.
  • Support for Nebular, a customizable toolkit for creating web applications with a beautiful UI. Nebular provides a wide range of powerful native Angular components, visual themes, authentication and security layers.
  • You can find any backend for ngx-admin you need in Akveo Store. Or you can use free .NET backend or 20% coupon 1JF7A0DABLOG.
Akveo Store ngx-admin backend

According to the research conducted by the Akveo Angular development company, Ngx-admin allows teams to achieve cost reduction of $33,000 on software project development while saving 480 hours.
If you need to integrate Angular ngx-admin with .NET, Node.js, Ruby or PHP backends, you can purchase a starter kit bundle from Akveo that will allow you to significantly reduce the development time on setup, configuration, and routing tasks.


8. NG-PI Admin

NG-PI Admin

NG-PI Admin is an open-source Angular project, which is based on Bootstrap, Angular 4+, and Sass framework and is available under a MIT-license. This free Angular template is especially suited for building custom modern admin dashboards and web applications.

It has a variety of compelling tools and UI components (icons, charts, tables, forms, etc.) that facilitate the work of designers and programmers.




CDK-Admin is a free premium Angular admin template, which is based on Material Design. Created with Angular 1.5.0, it supports different framework versions including Angular 6. CDK-Angular offers a wide range of common and customizable components helping software developers to adjust software projects to the customer’s needs and expectations.


Monster Angular Lite

Monster Angular Lite

Monster Angular 9 Lite is an Angular admin template that allows software development teams and individual engineers to deliver cool modern applications. By downloading a free version, you get access to a set of powerful features, including:

  • 1 starter page
  • 10 user interface components
  • Over 10 embedded plugins
  • Fully responsive pages
  • 100+ font icons
  • 3 table examples

If you need to get access to extended functionality, documentation, and premium support, you can install a paid version. A PRO Monster Angular 9 Lite offers more than 200 example pages, 25+ UI elements, 50+ pre-built plugins, 15 example tables, and 3000+ icons.

However, we recommend you to always start with a free solution to check everything out and make sure that an Angular template meets your project requirements.


Angular Material Dashboard

 Angular Material Dashboard

Angular Material Dashboard was created on the base of Material Design. Providing a free UI Kit, this Angular template serves for both business and individual purposes. One of the primary benefits of this project is that it is highly responsive on multiple devices such as mobile phones, laptops, desktop, and tablets.

Angular Material Dashboard offers a wide range of components, animations, and Sass styles to help you design and develop a web application. As of today, this Angular open-source template has 1,300 stars on GitHub.


12. MaterialPro Angular 6 Admin Lite

Material Pro Angular 6 Admin Lite

MaterialPro is an Angular admin dashboard template that has both free and paid versions. Being clean, responsive, and highly-customizable, MaterialPro enables software experts to ensure an amazing user experience on all types of screens and devices.

Having a modular design, it provides a set of reusable UI components and re-styling plugins. The PRO version comes packed with 4 color schemes, font icons, over 30 UI elements, more than 2000 font icons, widgets, charts, tables, validation forms, and calendar functionality.


13. AdminPro Angular Admin Lite

AdminPro Angular Lite

Admin-Pro Lite is another popular Angular admin template for backend projects, which is available for free. AdminPro Angular 9 Lite provides lots of useful things helping designers and developers build performant beautiful admin templates dashboards.

Having about 240,000 downloads and more than 200,700 customers from all over the world, it is being frequently updated, coming up with important enhancements and extensions. This Angular open-source template offers high customization capabilities and fully responsive pages.

The key features of Admin-Pro Lite Angular 9 dashboard involve:

  • 10 UI components
  • 7 web page templates
  • 10+ embedded plugins
  • 100+ quality font icons
  • Basic table examples

A PRO version of this Angular 9 template provides a number of useful features such as 250+ page samples, 300+ UI elements, 50+ pre-built plugins, PSD files, 19 forms, 15 table examples, 3,000 font icons, 1-year premium support, etc.


14. Degree Material Admin Template

Degree Material Admin Template

Degree is an Angular dashboard template, which is very simple in use. Based on the Angular material framework, it employs a gulp for running tasks and Sass for organizing various CSS files. Additionally, it allows programmers to use AngularJS for frontend development. Being mobile-friendly, Degree perfectly fits as a starter to build web applications.  

This Angular open-source solution is packed with a set of UI components such as forms, charts, tables, etc. It also provides software designers and engineers with 4 example pages: sign in, register, forget pass, and 404 pages.


15. Laravel Angular Admin

Laravel Angular Admin

Laravel Angular admin dashboard template is one of the best open-source Laravel products. The Starter Kit helps software developers learn how to build their own projects and user interfaces. Furthermore, it features JWT authentication and provides great customization capabilities.


16. Angular-nvD3


Angular-nvD3 is an AngularJS directive for NVD3 re-usable charting libraries (based on D3) that supports Angular 2. This open-source project enables software designers and developers to easily customize their charts with the help of JSON API.

Providing a variety of charts (bullet charts, candlestick charts, parallel coordinates, etc.). Angular-nvD3 allows managing properties of models with their original structure being kept in JSON models. At the moment, this directive has more than 1,300 stars on GitHub.


Ani Angular


Ani Angular supports Angular 4 and Bootstrap 4 that offers support for all major browsers. Powered by gulp, this admin dashboard template provides fluent and subtle page transition animation. Ani has plenty of pages such as login page, home page, component page, etc. One of the main advantages is that you can download and use Ani Angular totally for free.


18. Delta - Angular 4 and Bootstrap 4 admin template


Delta is one of the most popular free Angular 4 admin dashboard templates that provides 5 layouts and 4 background color styles. Developed with Sass, Delta contains more than 1500 font icons, Angular CLI (command-line interface), and gulp tasks.


Versatile Angular


Versatile is especially useful if you want to develop an AngularJS application. It is built with Bootstrap LESS and supported by gulp as an automation engine. The page transition is smooth as you can use an enterprise starter kit. Employing Angular v1.3 and Bootstrap 3, Versatile provides support for all popular browsers, components, and animation.



This list may expand in the future but free Angular admin dashboard templates listed above are one of the most popular and rated by users. Some templates better suit for building complex performant solutions such as CRM and ERP systems, others perfectly fit making single-page applications and administrator panels.

When choosing an Angular dashboard, pay attention to the design quality, code readability, compliance with your project requirements, reputation and experience of an IT service vendor.

Before you purchase a PRO version, we recommend trying to download the product for free and see whether it meets your needs. If you have questions about the topic or want to request a consultation, you are welcome to drop us a message or leave your comments below.

Top 19 Free Angular Admin Dashboard Templates in 2022
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