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Top 15 Free Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Templates 2022

Alexandra Skorobogataya
Alexandra Skorobogataya

Product Manager

August 5, 2020


Top 15 Free Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Templates 2022

Top 15 Free Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Templates 2022

Alexandra Skorobogataya
Alexandra Skorobogataya

Product Manager

August 5, 2020


Top 15 Free Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Templates 2022

Bootstrap is one of the best and most popular web development frameworks that offers CSS- and JavaScript-based design templates for a variety of UI components, including forms, buttons, and typography. Furthermore, it provides JS plugins, has a responsive grid system, and features Sass mixins and variables.

Using Bootstrap, software engineers create performant websites and applications that look and work amazing even on mobile devices. Released in 2011, by now this open-source tool has already received over 142,000 stars on GitHub.

If you have decided to build your web project with Bootstrap, a great way to reduce costs and development time is to employ a Bootstrap admin dashboard template. Hundreds of hours (sometimes up to 450–500) and thousands of dollars ($10,000-$30,000) can be saved thanks to the right choice.

In this article, we’ve collected top 15 Bootstrap admin templates, which are available for free. You will also find helpful recommendations on how to pick the right template. Let’s get started!

The 15 best free Bootstrap admin templates in 2021–2022

1. Ngx-admin


Created by the Akveo development company, Ngx-admin is a free admin template, which is made with Angular 9+, Bootstrap 4, and Nebular 4. Ngx-admin employs the Sass preprocessor, provides support for Eva Design System (480+ beautifully crafted open-source icons in PNG, SVG, font, and sketch formats), and perfectly suits for both commercial and individual purposes.

Having about 22,500 stars on GitHub, this template is one of the most popular open-source projects worldwide. Ngx-admin provides 6 themes, 2 pre-built default dashboards, 60+ usage examples, and more than 100 user interface components that include icons, forms, charts, graphs, maps, tables, modals, buttons, etc. It also contains a set of pages such as login, registration, request password, and reset password pages.

Ngx-admin is a great choice if you need to build complex web solutions like:

  • IoT systems
  • E-commerce platforms
  • CRM applications
  • Content management systems
  • Administrator panels
  • Data analytics and visualization software
  • Task and project management systems

Download Ngx-admin.

Live preview.

2. Light Bootstrap Dashboard

Light Bootstrap Dashboard

This is one of the best Bootstrap 4 admin dashboard templates that provides designers and engineers with a set of powerful tools to create modern beautiful web solutions that look great on all devices. Light Bootstrap Dashboard has both free and paid versions.

A free version contains 16 elements, 4 plugins, 4 example pages while the premium includes 120 elements, 15 plugins, and 4 pre-built samples. If you decide to use this Bootstrap 4 template, we recommend you to start with a limited functionality and then upgrade if you see that the product totally meets your requirements.

Administrator panels, project management solutions, web app backends, CMS and CRM systems are those types of software that you can successfully develop with Light Bootstrap Dashboard. With over 106,500 downloads, it is one of the most popular templates worldwide.

Download Light Bootstrap Dashboard.

Live preview.

3. Light Bootstrap Dashboard Angular

Light Bootstrap Dashboard Angular

Being a free Bootstrap Angular admin dashboard template, this product provides an intuitive beautiful user interface and plenty of tools to deliver great websites and applications. Developed on top of Bootstrap 3 and Light Bootstrap Dashboard, it comes packed with 16 elements, 4 example pages, 2 plugins, Sass files, and clear documentation (free version).

In addition, Light Bootstrap Dashboard Angular offers 6 filter colors that you can choose from for the sidebar. With a range of UI components and a PRO version, it is especially suited for making CRM software, CMS, admin panels, and project management systems.

As of April 2022, this Bootstrap template has been rated 4.90 out of 5 and downloaded more than 40,000 times.

Download Light Bootstrap Dashboard Angular.

Live preview.

4. CoreUI


CoreUI is an open-source Bootstrap admin dashboard template, which is available completely for free. Packed with rich functionality, CoreUI provides 6 versions: Bootstrap, React, Angular, Laravel, Vue.js, and Vue.js + Laravel.

With 1000 high-quality icons, 4 Bootstrap components, SCSS source files, charts, and widgets, it enables software developers to faster create beautiful websites and applications. Employing CoreUI Layout API, they can customize their web solutions for almost any mobile or web device. As of today, CoreUI has over 10,000 stars on GitHub.

Download CoreUI Bootstrap admin template.

Live preview.

5. Material Dashboard Angular

Material Dashboard Angular

Being one of the most popular Bootstrap 4 admin dashboard templates, Material Dashboard Angular provides a fresh modern design that was built with Google Material Design principles in mind. Written with Angular 9, the product comes with multiple UI components, third-party plugins, and 5 color filter options for the sidebar and card headers. Additionally, it allows placing a background image you want on the sidebar.

It is noteworthy that Material Dashboard Angular was developed on the basis of the audience feedback, which helped the creators to better meet the needs of engineers. This Bootstrap 4 template is a perfect choice if you aim to launch a CRM system, CMS (content management system), or a comprehensive administrator panel.

A free version offers 60 elements, 3 example pages, 2 plugins, Saas files, and documentation. A paid version comprises 200 UI components, 15 plugins, 3 sample web pages, as well as Sass, sketch, and Photoshop files.

Initially released 4 years ago, Material Dashboard Angular has been downloaded nearly 119,000 times and received 4.90 out of 5, according to over 500 reviews.

Download this Bootstrap 4 template.

Live preview.

6. Paper Dashboard Angular

Paper Dashboard Angular

Paper Dashboard Angular is another free Bootstrap template that unites user-friendly design, beautiful typography, and spacious modern cards. Paper is developed with the same design language as Paper Kit-a Bootstrap UI kit-that you can employ for creating website presentation pages. Launched 3 years ago, now it has more than 44,000 downloads.

A free version of Paper Dashboard Angular comes packed with 16 elements, 4 plugins, Sass files, and 4 example pages such as user settings or usage graphics. This Bootstrap template contains a wide range of UI components that involve icons, forms, tables, panels, buttons, charts, widgets, typography, etc.

Download Paper Dashboard Angular.

Live preview.

7. NG-PI Admin

NG-PI Admin

NG-PI Admin is a dashboard template, which is based on Angular 7+, Bootstrap 3, TypeScript, Scss, and Angular CLI (command-line interface). Providing a variety of UI components (icons, forms, charts, tabs, buttons, modals, etc.), it allows web designers and developers to faster build quality web solutions. Being available under a MIT-license, NG-PI Admin comes in 3 themes: default, light, and dark.

Download NG-PI Admin.

Live preview.

8. Laravel Angular Admin

Laravel Angular Admin

Laravel Angular Admin is a free open-source dashboard template, which is based on Laravel , AngularJS, and Bootstrap framework. Powered by gulp, it features JWT authentication, OAuth authentication, UI-Router, RESTful API (Dingo/API), as well as provides high customization capabilities.

Download Laravel Angular Admin.

Live preview.

9. Delta — Angular 4 and Bootstrap 4 admin template

Delta — Angular 4 and Bootstrap 4 admin template

Delta is one of the best free Angular 4 and Bootstrap 4 admin templates, which involves 5 layouts and 4 background color styles, and more. Created with Sass, this product provides over 1500 font icons, features Angular CLI and gulp tasks.

Download Delta admin template.

Live preview.

10. Versatile


Built with Bootstrap LESS and powered by gulp, Versatile is a great choice for making an AngularJS-based application. This admin dashboard template is powered by gulp, enables a smooth page transition, and can be used as an enterprise starter kit. Employing Angular v1.3 and Bootstrap 3, it provides support for all popular browsers and a subtle page transition.

Download Versatile Angular.

Live preview.

11. Ani Angular

Ani Angular

Ani Angular is a dashboard template that provides support for Angular 4 and Bootstrap 4 frameworks. Being available totally for free, it offers many web pages, including a login page, home page, and component page.

Powered by gulp, Ani Angular enables software development teams to build websites and applications for all popular browsers. The primary feature of this open-source Bootstrap 4 template is a fluent page transition animation.

Download Ani Angular.

Live preview.

12. Black Dashboard Angular

Black Dashboard Angular

Based on Angular 9 and Bootstrap 4, Black Dashboard Angular is one of the newest admin templates, which was released 1 year ago. By now, it has been already downloaded about 14,000 times. Developed by Creative Tim, Black Dashboard Angular employs the Sass preprocessor, has a modern design, as well as provides both free and paid versions.

This Bootstrap 4 admin panel that is available free of charge, includes the following features:

  • 16 UI elements like maps, icons, forms, tables, widgets, etc.
  • 7 example pages such as pricing, login, register, user profile, lock screen, and other web pages
  • 3 pre-built plugins
  • Documentation

A PRO version of Black Dashboard Angular provides rich functionality, involving 160 user interface elements, 14 embedded plugins, 2 sample pages, documentation, Sass files, sketch files, Photoshop files, and premium customer support.

Download Black Dashboard Angular Bootstrap 4 template.

Live preview.

13. Star Admin Bootstrap Admin Template

Star Admin Bootstrap Admin Template

Star Admin is a responsive Bootstrap 4 dashboard template, which is available for free. It supports all major browsers such as Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Opera, and Internet Explorer. With Star Admin, you can reduce the time for web project development and ensure a consistent user experience on all devices.

Providing a colorful beautiful design, Star Admin comes packed with a wide range of features required for creating quality websites and applications. This open-source product is a great choice for building complex administrator panels, e-commerce platforms, CMR software, content management and CRM systems.

Currently, Star Admin Bootstrap 4 dashboard template has over 1.2 stars on GitHub.

Download Star Admin.

Live preview.

14. Now UI Dashboard Angular

Now UI Dashboard Angular

Now UI Dashboard Angular is an open-source product that comes under a MIT-license. Initially released 2 years ago, it is a Bootstrap 4 admin Angular 9 admin template developed by Creative Tim and Invision. Packed with UI elements such as maps, icons, and beautiful typography, it enables designers and engineers to create truly great web solutions.

It provides an intuitive interface, clear documentation, and various plugins. As of today, this Bootstrap 4 template has over 22,600 downloads with the rate 4.90 out of 5.

A free version includes the following functionality:

  • 16 user interface elements
  • 5 embedded plugins
  • 7 example web pages
  • Sass files
  • Documentation

If you need to access advanced features, you can always upgrade to the PRO version of this Bootstrap admin dashboard. It comes packed with 160 UI elements, 6 example pages, 13 pre-built plugins, Sass files, documentation. Furthermore, a paid solution offers sketch files, Photoshop files, and premium support.

Download Now UI Dashboard Angular Bootstrap 4 admin template.

Live preview.

15. Argon Dashboard Angular

Argon Dashboard Angular

Argon Dashboard Angular is one of the newest admin dashboard templates based on Angular 9 and Bootstrap 4. Released just 2 year ago, it has already been downloaded more than 16,000 times. Argon employs the Sass processor, offers one default dashboard, and contains 5 pre-built plugins that you can customize according to your needs.

This Bootstrap 4 template is one of those open-source products that provide a variety of cool features completely free of charge. See the list of them below:

  • 100 user interface components such as charts, icons, graphs, buttons, tables, etc.
  • 5 plugins
  • 7 example web pages, for example, login, register, user profile, and other pages
  • Sass files
  • Documentation

A paid version contains 200 UI elements, 25 example pages, and 17 plugins. It also involves sketch files, Photoshop files, and premium customer support.

Download Argon Dashboard Angular Bootstrap template.

Live preview.

How to choose a Bootstrap admin dashboard template?

We’ve considered the top 15 Bootstrap admin dashboards that you can use for free. However, how to pick a Bootstrap template when there are so many of them? You should take into account the following things.

First, pay attention to design. The content should be placed in such a manner that users can easily find what they need. The data should be clearly seen, the quality of icons should be decent. When you see a Bootstrap template, think about whether your customers or employees will enjoy it or not. For instance, it may be inconvenient to interact with the website when it uses too glaring colors as eyes can get tired.

Second, see whether the code is simple to understand or not. If you or your employees are only starting to code, you may try a Bootstrap dashboard template that contains extensive starter kits, developer guides, and tutorials.

Third, it is very important to specify the project goal and requirements. When you need to create a comprehensive IoT (Internet of Things) admin dashboard, it will be easier to choose a Bootstrap template with the required features.

Fourth, you should take into account the price. In this article, we’ve described plenty of free Bootstrap dashboard templates but most of them also provide extended functionality in PRO versions.

Remember to check the reputation and experience of an IT service provider. Visit the company’s website, look through portfolio case studies, and view client testimonials. Go to B2B review and rating platforms such as Clutch, GoodFirms, and The Manifest to see what customers say about the cooperation with your potential vendor.

Finally, the price may be a decisive factor on whether you are going to use a certain Bootstrap template; however, not all free versions contain detailed documentation and all the required features, so it can make sense to purchase a full PRO version.

Explore more cool templates of healthcare, fleet management, delivery, and other dashboards created by open-source enthusiasts.

If you have questions about the topic or want to request a project consultation, you are welcome to contact our software experts . We will get back to you and help resolve all technical issues.

Top 15 Free Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Templates 2022
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