Nebular and UI Kitten: speed, quality, and success
March 18, 2021

Nebular and UI Kitten: speed, quality, and success

Dmitri Koteshov
Dmitri Koteshov
Digital Content and PR executive

The pace of the modern world is increasing. For instance, we can instantly communicate via messengers or be available 24 hours a day using a mobile phone. Like it or not, but that’s the effect technology has on us, humans. A study taken in the late 90ies claims that the speed of life is becoming faster and faster in technological countries with developed economies such as Japan and Germany. 

As a former startup ourselves, we fully understand how many challenges lie ahead for every aspiring venture in the domain of software development. A faster time to market is one of them. In fact, tempo is considered a crucial aspect when planning a product launch. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that it has become a new industry standard one can’t ignore. 

Instead of looking for a solution that would be both free and open-source, we had created two products that helped us to take a giant step in our company’s life. We’re pretty sure they will help you as well. That’s why, without further ado, we’re inviting you to unleash the powers of Nebular and UI Kitten to release your products quicker. 

UI Kitten

If you are creating a cross-platform mobile application using UI Kitten, you must be familiar with its advantages. However, using our framework may bring challenges once in a while, especially if your software engineers aren’t that experienced in the React Native framework. 

Therefore, we’d like to offer your team audit and consultancy services to solve any issues you might experience. Alternatively, we can expand your team with our developers and marketing specialists. That is to say, we will help you bring your product from an MVP to the enterprise version in a flash. 


As a business owner, you know that time is a valuable asset. With React Native UI components, all you have to do is focus on business aspects while our framework takes care of the visual appearance. This way, with rich icon packages, it’s possible to design A-grade cross-platform mobile applications without spending much on design. 

A picture is worth thousands of words. Here’s our recent case - a quality branded design of a mobile app for a German startup Felmo. 

The use of UI Kitten allowed our client to reduce front-end development time by 25% and save thousands of dollars. The outcome of the project is a multifunctional mobile application with a set of custom icons and illustrations.

Check out what our client has to say about the project:


First of all, it’s worth reminding you that back in January, we updated Nebular with new components - Button Group and Tags. Now the library (in its’ 7th version already) includes 4 visual themes, 35+ Angular components, and 3 auth strategies. 


However, same as for Kitten UI, using Nebular might be tricky, so we invite you to consider our consultancy services. We’d like to share our front-end expertise with your developers to accelerate the development of your solution. To do so, we offer:

  • A custom template development;
  • Developers, designers, analytics, QA, and PM;
  • Customization services;
  • The project’s review.

To Sum Up

Here at Akveo, we hope that both UI Kitten and Nebular will help you achieve your business goals easier and faster. Let’s make a difference together, shall we? What’s more, we’ve got a backlog full of new awesome features to be released throughout the year. Besides, we would be grateful if you consider supporting our developers with stars in our Nebular and UI Kitten GitHub repositories.

Digital Content and PR executive
Dmitri Koteshov
Digital Content and PR executive

Dmitri engages readers with meaningful yet entertaining stories on technology and global digitalization.

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