Post-Release of Ngx-Admin and Nebular in a Nutshell

Sep 22, 2017


Hi there!

Some time has passed since we created last post-release-product story. Maybe some of you thought that we had given up on these projects. Well, you might have underestimated us then. We worked truly hard on the successor of ng2-admin.
There was a time when we felt desperate about what to do next and how. To make it best of the bests is an essential part of work for us. The path to the win-situation is never easy but full of debates, mistakes and endless bug fixes. It felt like a never-ending story and somehow reminded Groundhog Day movie. Yet we managed to complete what we had started. So here is the little story about it.

What is it?

As developers we started having a feeling that front-end development is kinda disjointed when it comes to assemble libraries and frameworks. So, the idea to improve the situation has led us to the creation of our own brand new full-featured framework and demo.

How we can apply them?

The concept was to get together the best from the nice frameworks and libraries, put onto a unified application and graphical interface for a simpler but better interface.
Now you can have a great toolkit to build a Rich UI application based on Angular, to save your precious time.
It provides you with a unified approach for managing styles for various components (3rd party including), pure components tightly connect to Angular and authentication layer easily configurable for your API.
You can use it also for IoT projects, monitoring and visualization, ‘cause the dashboard looks so fine! One of the team members said, it made him feel calm when he could see and control all the information running on the same dashboard all together. The theme colors are both pleasing to the eye, everything is on its place. This is how we think :)


So here we are! Looking proudly at what we have just launched. Nicely crafted ngx-admin application has grown from Nebular. Enjoy trying!

How can you help us?

We are very glad to share it, so you could download it, play with it, submit issues, comment etc. Any feedback is welcomed in Akveo team!

About Akveo

Akveo is a strong team of full-stack software experts who are crazy about the creation of awesome software and always eager for the next tech challenge. Our expertise lets us dive into each company’s needs and understand the deepest wishes to provide the best solution.
We use our own products in development and design that allows us to reduce development time and brings you a great benefit - chance to beat your competitors with faster implementation of new solutions. Check what customers say about us to make sure.

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