Nebular 2.0 released, Free and Open Source with new cool features.

Oct 26, 2018

After 10 release candidates and a year of work, we finally made it with a great help of the Nebular community and we cannot be more grateful for all of your contributions! 🎉

In this short blog post, I would like to tell about the release highlights as well as the main Nebular features, I'm pretty sure you'll love!

Theme Module

Nebular now supports 3 visual themes - Default, Cosmic and Corporate and we are confident our components are a good fit for any kind of web interface. Even more, it is possible to create custom themes inherited from the default ones creating a unique and brand aware design.
The component library has also added a bunch of new beautiful components, such as Window, Dialog, Datepicker, Select and some more.

Auth Module

The main goal of the Auth module is to provide a pluggable set of components and services that covers authentication flow. The module separates the UI part (login/register/etc components) from the app business logic with the help of the authentication Strategies.

Three authentication Strategies come out of the box (Dummy for testing purposes, Password, and OAuth2). Moreover, it is possible to create custom strategies connecting Nebular auth to any kind of authentication backend. It also comes with a bunch of auth helpers for token storage, authentication state management, and so on.

Security Module

Last but not least, the Security module is here implementing an important pattern - ACL (access control list). Unlike the Nebular Auth, which provides a way to authenticate a user, Nebular Security helps you to authorize a user to access some of the application resources.

It includes access checker services and also a handy Angular directive that manages content visibility based on the settings provided.


And we believe this is only a start. We have a huge backlog of new awesome features! Including accessibility, animations, new components, authentication strategies and many more!

We hope our library will help you to achieve your goals easier and really make a difference.

Сheck out and support developers - star our GitHub repo

Thanks and stay tuned!

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