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What Are ngx-Admin dashboards with Backend, and Why Do You Need Them

Alexandra Skorobogataya
Alexandra Skorobogataya

Product Manager

June 10, 2020


What Are ngx-Admin dashboards with Backend, and Why Do You Need Them

What Are ngx-Admin dashboards with Backend, and Why Do You Need Them

Alexandra Skorobogataya
Alexandra Skorobogataya

Product Manager

June 10, 2020


What Are ngx-Admin dashboards with Backend, and Why Do You Need Them

Backend Dashboards are especially useful for:

  • CEOs, CTOs, Product Owners, and other specialists responsible for optimizing resources on the project.
  • Front-end, back-end, full-stack developers who need Dashboards for personal & enterprise projects.

Imagine you want to create a new application for your client, or just for your personal use. Whether you build a dashboard, a SASS web app, a CRM, a CMS, an E-commerce application, or an IoT app — this is a time-consuming process. As a way to save your time and other resources, you can use ready solutions like Design Systems, libraries, layouts or dashboards with backend integration.

Admin panels greatly simplify the UI building process for developers. No need to create anything from scratch — developers can simply use pages, widgets, and predefined UI elements.

The free admin dashboard developed by Akveo is a great example of an Open Source Angular template with more than 20,000 of GitHub stars. It allows you to quickstart dashboard development with the help of the variety of pre-built components and example pages.

backend for ngx-admin dashboard

This customizable admin dashboard template based on Angular 9+ contains over 1 00 Nebular components, Bootstrap, and is supported by Eva Design System. It’s an absolute must-have if you’re planning to create an admin dashboard, a CRM, or a CMS. According to our research, the use of Ngx-admin allows for reducing development time to 480 hours, and saving more than $33,000 (if we take the average hourly rate of a front-end developer in the US as $70).

Thousands of users around the world send delightful feedback on Ngx-admin:

“Wow! I never thought there has free Angular admin template around waiting for me to try it :)” (Cheng Wapu)

“One of the most complete admin templates for Angular 9.” — Fabio Cordeiro.

“I love this. Awesome UI, standard programming concepts, etc.” — Junior Onwe.

“Excellent template, very well made!” — Miguel Ros.

“Their templates are easy to use and user-friendly, and extremely well-designed.” — Selast Sphynx.

“Great Open Source products that I have learned a lot from.” — Wei Lun.

“That is one of the best Open Source software-product I have ever seen.” — Mohammed Benyakoub.

We received a great number of requests for Ngx-admin backend integration. To satisfy customers’ needs, we developed various Ngx-admin dashboards with integrated backends — Backend Dashboards.

backend for ngx-admin dashboard

You can find any backend you need among the variety we offer:

Dashboards will allow you to save 3+ weeks on development. Moreover, you can learn Angular, or backend technology with Dashboards.

There are several types of Ngx-admin with integrated backends tailored for different requirements: Light Dashboards, Starter Dashboards, E-commerce DashboardsIoT Dashboards

How are they different?

Light Bundle is a minimalistic admin dashboard with no extra components. It will fit you if you don’t want to waste time on removing unneeded components. Light dashboards contain Authorization and User Data Editing with backend integration but without extra components.

Starter Bundle has Authorization and User Data Editing with backend integration. Its components and charts have no backend integration.

Visually, the dashboards in the Starter Bundle and E-commerce Bundle look the same.

backend for ngx-admin dashboardImage for post


backend for ngx-admin dashboard


See the differences in Dashboards in the table below. You can also obtain this information from the Bundle Demo.

Image for post

Depending on your project, you can choose from Personal and Developer licenses. Developer License is suitable in case you’re planning to create an unlimited number of applications for sale, and need to ensure their support. In case you’re planning to build an app for your own project, Personal License is enough.

Below, you can see a real use case from one of our customers — it’s a data-mining app to supplement an advertising booking/CRM system.

use case ngx-admin
use case ngx-admin
use case ngx-admin

Since its appearance in the store about a year ago, thousands of users have bought Backend Dashboards. Here’s top 10 for now:

1. .NET Core Starter Bundle

2. Node.js MongoDB Starter Bundle

3. .NET Core E-Commerce Bundle

4. Java/Spring Starter Bundle

5. Node.js MongoDB E-commerce Bundle

6. Python Flask Starter Bundle

7. Super Angular Bundle

8. Node.js Nest Starter Bundle

9. Java/Spring E-commerce Bundle

10. Django Starter Bundle

To Sum Up

If you’re looking for a ready-made solution for data management, Backend Dashboards are exactly what you need. Choose from Light Bundle, Starter Bundle, E-commerce Bundle, and IoT Bundle with the integrated .NET, Node.js, .NET Core, and other backends. Dashboards also contain JWT-based authentication and basic user management.

If you’re searching for a way to save time needed to integrate Ngx-admin with the backend, you’ve come to the right place, just choose the relevant technology, and get started.

About Akveo and Akveo Store

Akveo is an almighty team of software experts crazy about software creation. Thanks to our expertise , we dive into each company’s pains to understand their deepest wishes, and offer the best solution. Not to sound proofless, just read what our customers say about us.

Besides the creation of Akveo Store and Ngx-admin, Akveo has also developed some other products aimed at reducing development and design efforts:

  • Nebular, a web UI library (6,000+ GitHub stars).
  • UI Bakery, an Angular-based low-code web app development platform.
  • Eva, a customizable Design System.

What’s more, Bundle holders and our other clients often turn to Akveo to get custom application development help. Being desperately obsessed with technologies, we’re always willing to solve the challenges you face regardless of their complexity and help you beat your competitors with high-grade solutions.

What Are ngx-Admin dashboards with Backend, and Why Do You Need Them
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