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Retool pricing


Retool pricing

Retool pricing


Retool pricing

Are you considering Retool for your next development project, but wondering about the pricing? You're not alone. Pricing is a crucial factor to consider when evaluating any low-code platform, and Retool is no exception. In this article, we'll break down the pricing structure of Retool.

Retool presents a straightforward pricing model that caters to diverse needs, encompassing the following tiers:

1. Free Plan: Retool extends a generous free plan designed for developers and small teams. This plan serves as an excellent platform for exploring Retool's capabilities and building small-scale applications. It provides an opportunity to experience Retool's potential without incurring any costs. In fact, based on our experience with Retool development, approximately 60% of projects can be completed with 20-40 hours of work, making it a cost-effective choice for testing your ideas.

2. Team Plan: Tailored for growing teams, the Team Plan is an appealing option. It introduces enhanced features and access to a staging environment. The Pro Plan offers flexibility, as it can be billed monthly or annually, accommodating various budgetary considerations. It's ideal for testing and refining applications within your team, accommodating up to 5+ users.

3. Business Plan: Suited for teams looking to scale their automations and internal apps with Retool, the Business Plan offers an array of valuable features. This plan includes Audit logging, a portal feature for building business apps for customers, vendors, and partners, and comprehensive user permission controls. It imposes no limitations on the number of environments and modules, providing scalability and flexibility.

4. Enterprise Plan: Large organizations and teams with specific and intricate requirements may opt for the Enterprise Plan. This top-tier option offers advanced security measures, including SAML/SSO, custom branding, source control, and dedicated support from Retool engineers. The Enterprise Plan is highly customizable to meet your organization's unique needs, with pricing available upon request.

Depending on your security and data needs, you can choose between Cloud-hosted and Self-hosted options, providing flexibility and aligning with your specific security protocols.

Cost Efficiency

According to research by, the average cost of a basic Application Development Software plan is approximately $35 per month. In contrast, Retool is exceptionally cost-effective, with pricing starting at roughly $10 per month, making it 71% cheaper than the industry average.

In summary, Retool's pricing structure caters to a wide spectrum of users and organizations, from small teams to large enterprises. The diverse plans offer an array of features to suit project's specific requirements, with transparent pricing that aligns with budget and goals.

Evaluating the Value

When considering Retool pricing, it's essential to evaluate the value it brings to your projects.

Here's why Retool can be a cost-effective choice:

  • Rapid Development: Retool accelerates application development, significantly reducing the time and resources required for your projects. With Retool, you can swiftly create sophisticated apps, resulting in substantial savings on development costs. This is the second-most mentioned advantage, as indicated by G2 reviews.
  • Integration Capabilities: Retool seamlessly integrates with various databases, APIs, and services. This seamless integration allows you to leverage your existing data and tools, eliminating the need for expensive data migrations. Retool offers over 40 integrations with some of the most popular services and databases.
  • Ease of Use: According to numerous customer reviews and the low-code developer community, Retool is recognized for its ease of use. It's remarkably beginner-friendly, making it an ideal choice for quickly getting started. Simultaneously, it boasts a high degree of customization, enhancing its utility for creating Proof of Concepts (PoCs) for various ideas and experimenting with concepts.

Support and Security: Retool's Pro and Enterprise Plans provide access to premium support and advanced security features. These inclusions ensure a seamless development process while mitigating potential risks. Even if you lack prior experience in development and programming, Retool offers robust solutions from its team of skilled engineers. Additionally, Retool has cultivated an extensive network of partners, including Akveo, who can assist you in building applications using the Retool platform.


Retool has some strong and intriguing competitors in the market, including tools such as Outsystems, AppSmith, Mendix, and UI Bakery. For more detailed comparising, please read our article Top 10 low-code platforms to use.

As you explore Retool pricing, keep in mind that the value it provides often outweighs the costs. It empowers your team to create powerful applications, streamline processes, and drive business growth. Before making a decision, consider your project's scale, your team's needs, and the potential ROI.

If you require further consultation for your specific Retool project, reach out to us.

Retool pricing
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