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Retool AI: Why and How to Start Using it Now?

Kate Bukhtsinava
Kate Bukhtsinava

Digital Marketing specialist

April 5, 2024


Retool AI: Why and How to Start Using it Now?

Retool AI: Why and How to Start Using it Now?

Kate Bukhtsinava
Kate Bukhtsinava

Digital Marketing specialist

April 5, 2024


Retool AI: Why and How to Start Using it Now?

You’ve probably heard a lot about AI in the past few months. It is everywhere now – in the news, on social media – and even in your real life. Like many other hype things, AI might seem to be something temporary and unnecessary for businesses. But that’s not the case, especially if you are considering experimenting with AI in Retool.

Just imagine: most manual routine activities, which, in addition to being boresome, are usually heavily time-consuming, can be effectively performed by a Retool App powered with AI solutions. You can have plenty of time for what you like more: creativity, strategy, and innovation. And it’s not a distant future scenario.

Why choose Retool with AI for business

AI with Retool is a game-changing combo – and some businesses already experienced it on their products. How does it revolutionize the way businesses operate and why does this even matter? Let's explore!

• Speed and Efficiency

Integrating AI with Retool turbocharges development, reducing the time from concept to prototype and live app. This combination automates tasks like data sorting and generating basic queries, freeing up teams to innovate.

• Customization and Scalability

Retool and AI together offer customized solutions that help your business scale seamlessly, maintaining smooth operations and preparing you for future demands for work with no interruptions.

• Cost-Effectiveness

By automating repetitive tasks, teams can focus on high-value projects. This strategy ensures that you can leverage AI for innovation in a cost-effective manner.

• Enhanced Data Security and Compliance

Retool has always been prioritizing security and data protection. This is true for the AI integration, too. It was designed to protect applications against cybersecurity challenges in mind.

Useful AI features in Retool

Let's dive a bit deeper into the AI-driven options that Retool offers. You’ll see that they can enrich your app possibilities and transform the way your business operates.

Image: Retool

Feature 1. Integration with machine learning models. Predictive analytics, image recognition, and natural language processing can now be implemented into your Retool apps. To improve the decision-making and operational processes, simply set up the connection to platforms like Google Cloud AI, AWS SageMaker or any other.

Feature 2. Chatbots and virtual assistants. Retool apps can use artificial intelligence to communicate with customers as well. It will allow you to automate support and assistance, streamline communication, and all of this without constant human presence.

Feature 3. Text analysis and generation capabilities are a great way for you to access advanced analytics and entity recognition. You’ll be able to process any data, from customer feedback to reporting, automatically and with ease.

Feature 4. Data enrichment and insight extraction can significantly increase the value of the information you get. Automate these processes to save your time and make efficient decisions based on reliable data.

Image: Retool

Feature 5. Analyze and optimize workflows to automate decision-making processes. This will improve operational efficiency and ensure you can constantly evolve your business (and everything connected to it).

All these features (and many more that will probably be implemented in the future) make Retool a dynamic ecosystem for AI-driven solutions. The possibilities of these integrations are limitless, offering you a way to maintain a competitive edge in the industry your business operates.

Where to use Retool AI? Real cases

Many companies continue to be cautious about AI. But for what? While they are sitting around waiting for the world to finally return to normal (it will never happen, btw), others are experimenting, testing, and making their lives easier and businesses – more successful. Here we'll explore two cases of using AI with Retool from real companies: how and why they came to these solutions and what these decisions brought them. Spoiler: the results were even better than expected!

Intercom: Simplifying Customer Support with AI

The case: Intercom is a private American software company that specializes in business messages. It connects businesses with their customers. As a way to manage and track support requests, the company uses “tickets”. The goal of this experiment was to find a solution to resolve “tickets'' automatically. Preferable numbers – from 10 to 20% of the incoming requests.


  • Company started with implementing a system in ChatGPT. But its responses were generic and not customized or personalized at all. The result – 0% of support tickets were deflected.
  • Switching to Off-the-Shelf AI solutions didn’t help. Adopting ready-made AI tools slightly improved ticket resolution to 1-2%. Yet these tools were limited due to lack of integration with internal systems.

The solution: Intercom decided to work with AI features offered by Retool. And this was a winning idea. Retool brought the customization and integration they needed. The platform used company-specific knowledge and "Retool Vectors", that made responses more relevant and similar to an actual support.

Image: Intercom


  • The shift led to 25% of support tickets being automated on the first response.
  • Internal knowledge and specific business logic that Retool used significantly improved the relevance of responses.

Holland & Barrett: Digital Transformation with AI

The case: Holland & Barrett, a big player in the health and wellness retail sector, aimed at ambitious digital transformation. The company wanted to use the data they have to make their marketing more personalized. But there was no perfect tool to reach this goal.


  • The vast data was locked in a complex structure that was difficult to reach.
  • Existing data reports and dashboards failed to provide the experience necessary for business to get insights and make decisions that will work.

The solution: Holland & Barrett turned to Retool, which, empowered by AI, gave an opportunity to build interactive tools they needed. Marketers were able to not just view data, but interact with it, shaping business actions directly.


  • Retool became a core for a self-service program governance tool, iTransform. This tool was reporting and alerting on internal initiatives, improving data accessibility and actionability.
  • By integrating generative AI, the tool automated summary creation, providing executive-level insights and boosting productivity.


Wrapping it up, it's clear that integrating AI with Retool can greatly improve your business opportunities: enhance customer support, unlock transformations, leverage data in ways previously thought impossible and do so much more. Real-life successes from companies like Intercom and Holland & Barrett illustrate the benefits of embracing this technology.

Retool AI stands as a beacon for innovation. If you're wondering how it could empower your business, reach out to our experts for a consultation. We’re ready to help you navigate the exciting possibilities Retool AI offers.

Retool AI
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