ngx-admin 5 released with Angular 9 support, Nebular 5 and material themes

Apr 2, 2020

It's been almost 4 years since ngx-admin is around the web. It has started as an Angular 2 version or blur-admin and initially, we called it ng2-admin. Today we see it as a self-contained, full-featured and mature product. In fact, it helped thousands of companies to build their products. From startups to large enterprises and Fortune 500 companies. We know that by the large number of support requests we received from them during this time. Besides, ngx-admin has recently achieved a milestone of 20,000 stars on GitHub which is a kind of appreciation we couldn't dream before.

We know how hard it is to customize the design of most of the free and premium dashboards. Our goal was always to simplify this process to let developers focus on tasks that bring value to the business instead of the routine. What was always important for us, is that ngx-admin stays up-to-date with stunning design and state-of-the-art theming features. This is why ngx-admin was providing 4 great themes (Default, Dark, Corporate and Cosmic) that can fulfill the needs of most of the companies. Maybe one of the gaps where ngx-admin was not present is Material Design. But all of this time we've been working on Eva design system and technical concepts that could allow us to support Material within the same code and style base of ngx-admin.

And today we are finally proud to share with community version 5.0 of ngx-admin that finally supports Angular 9, Nebular 5 and adds two Material-like themes - Material Light and Material Dark. We are not saying that this is full Material support because there's still a path to go to achieve this. In the end, there is just our Nebular components styled in a Material-like way. But it's fully compatible with Angular Material so you can use the best out of both. Compared to the other frameworks, our approach for Material support is almost purely based on Sass, CSS variables without much of the style overrides.

Currently, we are not sure about the future of Material-like theme improvements. We would like to see what community and our customers think about it and make decisions afterward. But you can help this by sharing ngx-admin Material and starring our GitHub repo. We're really thankful to everyone who stays with us and continue using our products.

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