ng2-admin release notes
June 2, 2016

ng2-admin release notes

Nikita Poltoratsky
Nikita Poltoratsky
GDE for Angular and Web Technologies

Hi everybody!

We might probably have written the post about release of our Angular2 admin panel framework ng2-admin a week ago. But since then we've been so busy that completely forgotten about refreshing the info. Well, it's better now than never :).

We were very pleased that our BlurAdmin project had gotten that much attention from the open source community. It's really cool to see people use something created by us and leave warm feedback. During our initial release and during post-release time we have received a lot of messages from people asking about Angular2 version. The GitHub issue related to this question has been very popular lately and has gotten a lot of "+1"s.

Right now we're very exited to announce the first release of BlurAdmin in Angular2! We called it ng2-admin. We aim it to become full-featured framework for admin panels and back office applications. With your help of course!

We took the best approaches that had already worked out in BlurAdmin. As previously, our main focus is to provide ability to easily customize our framework after you start developing using it.

Our code base was rewritten from scratch in Typescript. We really liked developing and using it, so we hope you enjoy it as well. In addition, we decided to use Bootstrap4as our css framework instead of 3rd version. Also we moved to webpack, 'cause we believe it can help people easily remove from the framework everything they don't need once they start developing. So by using ng2-admin you can be sure that you're using the latest and the most suitable tools out there.

Though right now ng2-admin has less components than its oldest brother, we will continue adding them. We would gladly hear your suggestions about what would you like to see there.

We will be very happy to see you on board and happy coding with ng2-admin!

P.S.: Angular2 is still in Release candidate state, that's why Angular team may release some version with breaking changes. Anyway we plan to quickly provide fixes if any occur.

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