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19+ Best free laravel admin templates 2022 and premium

Alexandra Skorobogataya
Alexandra Skorobogataya

Product Manager

August 5, 2020


19+ Best free laravel admin templates 2022 and premium

19+ Best free laravel admin templates 2022 and premium

Alexandra Skorobogataya
Alexandra Skorobogataya

Product Manager

August 5, 2020


19+ Best free laravel admin templates 2022 and premium
table of contents

20+ Best Free Laravel Admin Templates 2022 and Premium

Laravel is a PHP framework that allows engineers to create web solutions following the model–view–controller (MVC) software architectural pattern. Providing programmers with a number of valuable features, Laravel facilitates the process of writing websites and applications.

If you aim to build a software project with PHP using this technology, you should consider Laravel admin dashboard templates collected in this post. Employing an open-source template, you will significantly reduce time-to-market and development costs, saving up to $30,000.

When making a choice, take into account things such as product design (color scheme, convenience, etc.), features (whether they comply with the project requirements or not), UI components, customization capabilities, client reviews and ratings.

In this article, we have described 20 popular Laravel admin templates that you can download for individual and commercial purposes. Take a look at their features and peculiarities.

Top 20 Laravel admin dashboard templates in 2022

1. Argon Dashboard Laravel

Argon Dashboard Laravel

Argon Dashboard Laravel is a frontend preset for Laravel 5.5 and up that enables software engineers to automate the process of building web projects. Developed by Creative Tim in cooperation with Updivision, it has a modern UI design and integrates with Laravel backend. Coming packed with numerous valuable elements, Argon Dashboard Laravel helps teams launch quality websites and applications.

A free product version contains the following functionality:

  • 100 UI components with variations in color
  • 4 embedded plugins
  • 16 example pages
  • Sass files
  • Documentation

Released just 1 year ago, this Laravel admin template has already received about 19,900 downloads.

If this Laravel PHP dashboard complies with your business-specific needs, you can upgrade to the PRO version that includes 200 elements, 16 plugins, 25 example pages, tutorials, and premium support. Furthermore, you will get access to Sass, sketch, and Photoshop files. The cost of extended functionality is $149.

Download Argon Dashboard Laravel.

Live preview.

2. Angular PHP Laravel Starter Dashboard

Angular PHP Laravel Starter Dashboard

Invented by Akveo Angular development company, this is a new product that was released in April, 2020. Like other solutions created by the team at Akveo, this Laravel PHP template is characterized by the highest quality, allowing engineers to save up to $21,000 and 300 hours on software development. Employing this bundle, you receive a working solution with the functional PHP backend, which integrates with Angular 9 based ngx-admin.

Angular PHP Laravel Starter dashboard template provides the following functionality:

  • Over 100 user interface components
  • Authentication with JWT tokens
  • Role management and ACL
  • Writing TypeScript code without errors
  • Automatic API testing using Swagger
  • A 3-month access to free updates
  • Documentation
  • Docker and docker-compose configuration

This PHP Laravel admin dashboard template is perfectly suited for making the Internet of Things, e-commerce, CRM, ERP, CMS (content management system), data analytics platforms, and other complex solutions. The cost of this product is $49.00.

Download Angular PHP Laravel Starter Dashboard Template by Akveo.

Live preview.

3. Material Dashboard Laravel

Material Dashboard Laravel

Material Dashboard Laravel is a free open-source Bootstrap 4 admin dashboard developed for Laravel 5.5 and up. Created on the base of Google’s Material Design, this template has a modern intuitive design and integrates with PHP Laravel backend. The product offers both free and paid versions.

A demo version contains the following features:

  • 60 quality user interface elements
  • 2 integrated plugins
  • 3 example web pages
  • Sass files
  • Guidelines and full-coded components

A PRO version provides users with 200 UI elements, 27 sample pages, and 15 plugins. An extended functionality also includes sketch and Photoshop files, as well as premium support. The price of Material Dashboard Pro Laravel is $149 for a personal or client web/mobile app.

With almost 15,900 downloads (as of July, 2020), Material Dashboard Laravel has an average score 4.90 out of 5 according to 52 customer reviews.

Download Material Dashboard Laravel.

Live preview.

4. Black Dashboard Laravel

Black Dashboard Laravel

Black Dashboard Laravel is a free Laravel admin template that allows software designers and developers to faster create beautiful web applications from prototyping to programming. The product comes packed with 16 modern UI elements (icons, panels, buttons, etc.), spacious cards, typography, and graphics.

The main features of Black Dashboard Laravel admin template:

  • 16 UI components
  • 3 customized plugins
  • 7 example web pages (user profile, lock screen, pricing, timeline, etc.)
  • Sass files
  • Tutorials

You can also use a PRO version, called Black Dashboard Pro Laravel, which you can buy from $149 to $799 depending on the plan you choose. This open-source Laravel admin template contains 200 UI components, 26 example pages, 14 pre-built templates, premium support, as well as Sass, Photoshop, and sketch files.

Download Black Dashboard Laravel.

Live preview.

5. CoreUI Free Vue.js & Laravel Admin Template

CoreUI Free Vue.js & Laravel Admin Template

CoreUI is an open-source Vue.js and Laravel admin dashboard template that offers versions for Angular 9, Bootstrap 4, Vue.js, React, Laravel, and Vue.js + Laravel.

Having a clear file structure and transparent readable code, it allows software developers to make great web applications that provide an amazing user experience on all devices that include PCs, laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

A free version of CoreUI Laravel template involves rich functionality:

  • Bootstrap 4 components
  • On-default theme
  • SCSS source files
  • 2 embedded plugins (pace, chart.js)
  • Basic support
  • Free access to updates

A PRO version of CoreUI Laravel open-source template contains 2 themes (dark and on-default), 17 plugins, 4 UI kits, and premium support. There are 3 paid plans to choose between: freelancer ($99 one-off), team ($169 one-off), and enterprise ($89 per month).

Download CoreUI Laravel admin template for free.

Live preview.

6. Craftable

Image for post

Craftable 5 is a Laravel-based toolkit that enables web designers and engineers to create administration interfaces. The product has a responsive UI built with Bootstrap 4 and CoreUI. Being a minimalistic Laravel template with open-source code, it serves as a starting point for making various software projects such as back-office systems, CMS (content management systems), and intranets.

Craftable Laravel admin template provides the following features:

  • CRUD generator
  • Laravel 6 (LTS)
  • Media library
  • Authentication module
  • Translation manager and localization
  • Role-based access permissions
  • Tutorials

With basic default configuration, Craftable Laravel dashboard template helps programmers to faster develop typical administration interfaces.

Download Craftable.

Live preview.

7. Ezeelive Admin Template

Image for post

Built with Bootstrap 4 and Laravel PHP framework, Ezeelive Admin UI is a Laravel dashboard template, which has a responsive design and employs a modular structure. Being based on Sass preprocessor, the product involves more than 50 Sass files. Created with the help of Ezeelive, web apps look great on all devices, including smartphones and tablets.

With this open-source Laravel template, you can faster develop web solutions such as CRM systems, complex administrator panels, business intelligence-enabled (BI) platforms, HRM platforms, content management systems, and e-learning software.

Download Ezeelive Admin UI Laravel admin template.

Live preview.

8. Voyager — The Missing Laravel Admin

Voyager — The Missing Laravel Admin

Voyager is one of the most popular Laravel admin dashboard templates worldwide. As of today, it has over 815,500 downloads and 9605 stars on GitHub. Being available under MIT-license, it offers rich functionality, including:

  • Media manager
  • Database manager
  • Menu builder
  • BREAD/CRUD generator

Using Voyager open-source Laravel admin panel template, developers can create different types of web applications, for instance, CMS or blogging platforms.

Install Voyager.

9. Star Admin Laravel

Star Admin Laravel

Star Admin Laravel is an administrator dashboard template, which is built with Bootstrap 4 and Laravel frameworks. Providing high customization capabilities, it allows making beautiful intuitive user interfaces. This open-source Laravel project is available free of charge.

Star Admin Laravel template contains a range of UI components such as charts, icons, tables, buttons, dropdowns, and typography. It also comes packed with user pages that include login, register, and lock screen.

Employing a Sass compiler, software engineers can write code and customize various elements much easier. Additionally, the product offers meaningful recommendations and guidelines on how to create web solutions.

Download Star Admin Laravel dashboard template.

Live preview.

10. Admire Bootstrap 4 Admin + Laravel Template

Admire Bootstrap 4 Admin + Laravel Template

Admire is a Bootstrap 4 Laravel admin dashboard template that serves for creating web applications with a responsive design. Using gulp for streamlining assets, it makes it easier to customize elements to your project-specific requirements.

With black and white versions, Admire includes over 770 UI elements, more than 70 pages, 6 color schemes, 6 layouts, 3 UI widgets, 4 chart libraries, form editors, cards, icons, tables, and event calendars. Providing cross-browser compatibility, it has a well-organized structure, clean readable code, and detailed guidelines.

Download Admire Laravel admin template.

Live preview.

11. Dashmix


Representing a Bootstrap 4 admin panel template, Dashmix provides support for Laravel 7 to help software engineers build and launch their projects faster. With Dashmix, you will be able to create all types of web pages employing the same layout.

This dashboard has a completely modular structure, includes a Laravel Starter Kit, and contains a range of valuable features such as webpack 4, Gulp 4, Babel 7, etc.

Furthermore, it comes packed with a number of widgets, UI components (icons, tabs, buttons, navigation, typography, animations, etc.), and 3 example pages (dashboards, error, authentication). Ensuring cross-browser compatibility, Dashmix offers PHP and HTML versions.

Using this Laravel 7 admin template, you can make various web solutions, for example, web apps, backend websites, enterprise websites, complex administrator panels/dashboards, CRM systems, blogging platforms, and content management systems. The cost of Dashmix is $28.

Download Dashmix.

Live preview.

12. Core Plus

Core Plus

Core Plus is another Laravel dashboard that you should consider. Representing a Bootstrap 3, HTML, and Laravel admin template, it suits for developing web applications with a responsive user-friendly design.

The product comes packed with a set of powerful features that include:

  • User interface elements (icons, tabs, buttons, pickers, and a lot more)
  • Calendars
  • Maps
  • Charts
  • Datatables
  • 10 example pages (lock screen, login, register, 404 error, 500 error, etc.)
  • Various colors with Sass customization

Core Plus Laravel template offers 2 dashboards you can choose between: V1 and V2. The first version displays the data about daily visits, traffic from different countries (the audience by location), daily product sales, project status, and total revenue. The second dashboard shows real-time views, recent activities, as well as the information regarding server load.

The cost of Core Plus is $21.

Download Core Plus Laravel admin panel template.

Live preview.

13. Cubic


Cubic is a Laravel admin framework, which is developed on top of a famous Twitter Bootstrap. The product contains over 500 user interface components, more than 3000 icons, 100+ web pages, 4 dashboards, and 6 embedded color themes.

Employing Cubic, you will also get access to multiple widgets, user role management functionality, a CRUD builder, blog setup, log viewer, and detailed documentation.

This Laravel template provides 3 versions, so that you can choose one that fully meets your project needs and requirements. You can purchase Cubic at $25.

Download Cubic Laravel admin panel template.

Live preview.

14. Oculux UI

Oculux UI

Oculux UI is a popular Laravel web template that enables designers and developers to create responsive websites, applications, administrator panels, complex dashboards, data analytics systems, data visualization platforms, and other types of web solutions. Built with Laravel 5.7 and Bootstrap 4, it provides a modern intuitive user interface.

Following the best code practices, Oculux offers many useful features such as:

  • Over 100 user interface elements
  • More than 150 pages
  • 65+ ready-to-use widgets and metrics
  • Over 10 dashboards
  • Various animations
  • A cryptocurrency dashboard
  • Light and dark color schemes to choose between
  • 5 embedded applications (inbox app, chat, calendar, etc.)

The price of this Laravel app template is $39.

Download Oculux UI Laravel dashboard template.

Live preview.

15. Theta


Theta is a Bootstrap and Laravel PHP admin dashboard template, which comes in 3 demos for building social media applications, analytics platforms, and e-commerce websites. Purchasing this product, you can choose between 4 layouts (2 dark and 2 light), which better fits your needs and preferences.

Allowing software designers and engineers to build quality web projects faster, Theta Laravel template comes packed with 100+ pages, 10+ icons, 75+ widgets, plenty of forms elements, and 5 apre-built pps (chat, email, calendar, etc.). You also receive access to basic and advanced user interface kits. You can buy Theta at $22.

Download Theta Laravel PHP dashboard template.

Live preview.

16. Bordash


Bordash is a great Laravel PHP admin dashboard template, which helps engineers make quality websites and applications that ensure a seamless user experience. Created with Laravel 5.8, HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, and Bootstrap 4, it provides clients with a wide range of reusable UI elements, 9 layouts, and 5 pre-built apps (chat, mail, calendar, todo app, and file manager).

UI components include cards, icons, maps, charts, colors, forms, plugins, avatar, and tables. What’s more, this Laravel template contains 13 web pages such as user profile, login, register, recovery password, lock screen, error, starter, pricing table, menu level, and others.

Bordash PHP dashboard is especially suited for developing CRM solutions, custom administrator panels, project management systems, and backend applications. The price of Bordash is $18.

Download Bordash Laravel PHP admin template.

Live preview.

17. Lucid Laravel

Lucid Laravel

Lucid Laravel is a popular PHP dashboard open-source template for building web projects. Written with Laravel 5.7 and Bootstrap 4X frameworks, it provides customers with a variety of UI components, integrated plugins, charts, editors, and drag-and-drop technology.

Other useful features of Lucid include:

  • Over 10 admin dashboards to choose between
  • 6 different color schemes
  • 100+ widgets
  • More than 3000 icons
  • Over 90 web pages
  • Google fonts
  • 6 pre-built applications (inbox, chat, contact list, calendar, etc.)
  • Clear tutorials

Packed with rich functionality, Lucid enables software development teams to ensure a consistent user experience across all screens and devices. This PHP admin dashboard template will be a good choice for making healthcare, real estate, e-learning, and data analytics software systems. As of July 2020, the cost of this product is $35.

Download Lucid Laravel admin panel for PHP.

Live preview.

18. Gull


Gull is a widely used admin template and user interface framework, which is built with Laravel 7 and Bootstrap 4 frameworks. Being fully responsive, it comprises a set of powerful features, including Gulp, Babel, UI kits, and support for all major browsers.

The product comes packed with rich functionality:

  • 2000+ quality icons
  • 30+ card widgets
  • Buttons
  • Datatables
  • eCharts
  • Custom loader
  • Example pages (login, signup, forgot password, not found)
  • And more

You can employ this Laravel dashboard template for building backends of web and cross-platform applications. Using Gull, you can faster develop and deploy accounting and financial software, e-commerce websites, project management systems, CMS, CRM software, and ERP systems.

You can purchase this Laravel PHP admin dashboard template at $18.

Download Gull.

Live preview.

19. Vetrix


Vetrix is a Laravel admin panel template, which is created with Bootstrap 4 framework, React, HTML5, and CSS3. Providing 6 responsive layouts and cross-browser compatibility, the product allows software engineers to build web projects using React, Node,js, Laravel, and HTML.

This Laravel PHP dashboard template offers the following features:

  • A range of UI components
  • Over 5000 high-quality icons
  • Support for Sass
  • Firebase authentication
  • Detailed documentation and page examples
  • Lifetime updates

Thanks to this Laravel PHP template, you can easily create websites and applications that look great on all devices and operating systems. The price of Vetris is $25.

Download Vetrix Laravel PHP dashboard template.

Live preview.

Final thoughts

When choosing a Laravel admin dashboard template for building your PHP project, consider the cost, functionality, and your business-specific requirements. Some products offer free and paid versions with extended functionality. In this case, you can first install a template free of charge and test it in action.

Take into account third-party integrations with other tools, libraries, and frameworks. For example, Angular PHP Laravel Starter comes packed with a famous ngx-admin and Nebular, as well as provides support for the Eva Design System.

It is also important to define the project type that you are going to make. Lightweight dashboards better suit for designing simple websites and applications while templates with numerous features allow making complex CRM, ERP, and data visualization systems. Other products contain all the required elements to develop IoT platforms and e-commerce websites.

If you have some questions or want to receive a consultation from software experts, contact our team. We will get back to you within 1 working day and help you address technical challenges.

20+ Best Free Laravel Admin Templates 2022 and Premium
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