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17 best offline events for start-ups in 2022

Max Tsurbeliov
Max Tsurbeliov

Content Creator

February 24, 2022


17 best offline events for start-ups in 2022

17 best offline events for start-ups in 2022

Max Tsurbeliov
Max Tsurbeliov

Content Creator

February 24, 2022


17 best offline events for start-ups in 2022

It’s impossible to create a great business only by yourself. One way or another, you’ll need others to help you with an active action, resources, or advice. This is particularly actual for start-uppers that can experience a whole lot of confusion and doubt on their path. 

But where can you find like-minded people, financial support, and the business sharks that are ready to share their success stories or business secrets? Right, in the events for start-ups.  

This is why we’ve prepared a list of such events that will take place in 2022. They will help you find partners, financial help, inspiration, and learn how to develop and scale your start-up the best way possible.

Why do start-uppers attend these events?

The main reasons why start-uppers need to attend such events are the following:


Finding professionals and partners that will help you is crucial for start-up projects. Start-up events and industry conferences allow you to connect with these people in an informal and friendly environment where the social statuses lose their influence for a moment.

Idea pitching & investments attracting

Such an event can give an unprecedented opportunity to speak up and present your ideas to industry leaders, as well as investors. One rightly delivered start-up pitch on such events can turn the financial situation around your start-up 360 degrees.


It is ok when you feel burned out at some point in your start-up development process. However, you should find the way out of it instead of dwelling on your lows. And the start-up gatherings are the best at cheering you up. If you want to bring your high spirit again and continue with your business with the park in your eyes, choose one of the suitable events below and pack your things.

Learning and workshops

Some start-up events offer opportunities to learn from the best industry players and get access to their success secrets. If you feel like you need to learn more about the industry you are entering with your start-up, consider these best start-up events. Above that, you can participate in a variety of workshops where you can learn how to build your start-up software or scale your business.

Top 17 start-up events to be in 2022


Start-up grind global conference 2022

February 28 - March 2, 2022. Redwood City, USA

This event is perfect for beginners and evolving start-ups as well as for businesses that are in the middle of their scaling. Here you’ll find the right mentorship, build meaningful connections with the industry’s brightest specialists and find partners. Apart from that, there will be a bunch of educational content from the leaders of various brands that will be participating in the conference this year. 

MWC (Mobile world congress) Barcelona 2022

February 28 - March 3, 2022. Barcelona, Spain

It’s the perfect place to be for those start-ups which are developing their own mobile apps. Here you’ll share space with the top mobile apps developers from all over the world and can make a deal with them right on the spot. Besides, you will be able to connect with the tech services providers, vendors, and content owners. 

4YFN 2022

February 28 - March 3, 2022. Barcelona, Spain

4YFN travels from Shanghai to Barcelona in 2022. If your start-up is focused on the mobile software industry or you just consider creating such an app, this event is perfect for you. The main purpose of this gathering is to create a space for investors, start-ups, and service providers to meet and collaborate. At 4YFN 2022 you’ll meet the main influencers, pioneers, developers, and top experts in the industry. But the sweetest part is that you can sign up as a speaker and pitch your start-up in front of the staples of the venture funding, getting the treasures of their feedback and proposals.


SXSW 2022

March 11-20, 2022. Austin, USA

This is the place where disruptive ideas are flying in the ear and can be seen by the experts of different industries including technology, culture, music, and film-making. The major benefits of that event for your start-up are the networking opportunities, inspiration, and the learning of the business state at the moment. The icing on the cake of SXSW is the celebrities from the entertainment industry that can boost your project’s credibility if it will strike them.

Rise 2022

March 14-17, 2022. - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This Asian event will gather venture capitalists, investors, and multinational corporations owners from all over the continent. In addition, there will be a large number of journalists from the world’s major media corporations that can spot the light on your ideas, making them known to the world. This is a great place to find funding for your start-up and build meaningful connections with business whales from your industry. 

Autonomy Paris 2022

March 16-17, 2022. Paris, France

This is the main event of March for those who are in search of disruptive mobility solutions. At this event, you’ll be able to learn about the brand-new mobility solutions for businesses and start-ups and find out where the trends are going from the leaders in the industry.


Hub. Berlin Conference

April 5-6, 2022 - Berlin, Germany

The conference will gather more than 8000 digital experts that will provide workshops, share their tech start-ups' experiences, and inspire newbies. The event will go for 2 days in a row and include a club night for you to be able to build new connections. This event is considered one of the most important in Europe.

TechChill 2022

April 27-29, 2022 - Riga, Latvia

One of the main events of the year in the Baltic. This conference brings start-uppers not only from the Baltic countries, but Scandinavia, and eastern Europe. Here you’ll be able to exchange valuable experiences with other start-uppers and learn new business skills from experienced entrepreneurs.


World Summit AI Americas

May 4-5, 2022 - Montreal, Canada

If your start-up involves AI technologies, this summit is the place to be. Main AI influencers, computer scientists from Nothern America and all over the world will gather there to discuss the latest breakthroughs in the industry and set the directions where it will be heading in 2022.

In this event you will be able to attend lections on tech ethics, AI policies, and have hands-on workshops with the best AI developers in the world. 

Latitude 59

May 4-5, 2022 - Tallinn, Vilnius

Latitude 59 is the main event of the like-named world’s digital society. Here you’ll meet lots of digital professionals from various spheres: design, mobile/web development, etc. Apart from that, you will be able to have a speech yourself if you register for it earlier and pitch your idea in front of European investors that attend this event. All in all, it’s a great place to show your ideas and build a professional network. 


TOA Berlin

Time to be confirmed, Berlin, Germany

It’s a great event to have a glimpse of the future and decide whether your start-up idea will stand the test of time. It will help you to understand the current trends in technology development and choose the right ones for your project.

TNW Conference

June 16-17, 2022 - Amsterdam, Netherlands

This is a great opportunity to find investors and present your start-up project in June. At this conference, you’ll meet venture capitalists, policy-makers, and other start-uppers. During the two days of exchanging knowledge, making valuable connections, and showing off your start-up potential you will get a lot of fun and can take a step forward in your idea realization.

Collision 2022

June 20-23, 2022 - Toronto, Canada

If you are in Nothern America, find time to attend this event in Canada. At this event, you will hear the advice of the best entrepreneurs and will be able to present your ideas to a quite large audience cause there will be pretty much media coverage of this event. Leave alone making valuable connections, and getting access to unique information from business leaders.



August 24-26, 2022 - Tartu, Estonia

The only start-up event in August will be the sTARTUp Day in Estonia. It is a great place to energize yourself with fresh start-up vibes and get inspiration for your own project. The organizers focused this event on creating the best start-up mindset for their visitors. So, if you feel off-track and lose your belief in success, get there and charge yourself to follow your dream further. 


Bits&Pretzels 2022

September 25-27, 2022. Munich, Germany

Business founders, investors, business angels, and start-uppers are you can expect to meet at this conference. It is the best place to start your autumn business quarter with new connections, ideas, and, hopefully, investments.

Data Natives

September 28-30, 2022. Berlin, Germany

This is the biggest AI and data science conference in Europe. It will take place for real for the first time since 2020 when the pandemic hit. Thus, don’t lose the chance to meet the best professionals from the AI sphere here in September.


SIAL Paris

October 15-19, 2022. Paris, France 

The best October event is for start-ups that operate in the food industry. Traditionally, here you’ll learn the industry’s hottest trends, innovations. Moreover, you will meet partners from all over the world and can share your experiences on how you overcame the latest business challenges.

Wrap up

That's it. Dedicate some time to be at some of these events that suit your start-up and we assure you that you won’t regret it. Connections and human relationships can pivot your start-up development, bringing fresh ideas and assistance you are looking for. In-person communication with investors and partners in the informal environment of a college campus that dominates start-up conferences may also take your start-up development to the next level. We hope, you’ll find everything you are looking for at the events we mentioned in our list. Good luck!

P.s. If you cannot meet those places or need a digital partner urgently, book a free start-up consultation at Akveo. We help start-ups develop their MVP, get investments, and scale their software products to enterprise-level apps for more than 5 years. Akveo team offers inclusive start-up software development services with web/mobile app creation, BA, QA, UI/UX design, branding, and project management. With us, you can dedicate more time to your idea shaping and business development while our savvy and seasoned professionals take care of the tech side of your project. 

17 start-up events to be in 2022
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