A reliable front-end for fleet management solutions

Do you develop fleet management software and need a proper front-end or UI/UX? Just leave it to us. The Fleet Management Dashboard template provides a striking visual foundation for solutions of any complexity, so you don’t have to create the UI from scratch.

We'll make it work like clockwork

Our development team will help you set up the dashboard to ensure your platform’s smooth user experience. We provide:

Installation and Integration

  • Our team uses the best practices that seamlessly integrate our dashboard into your system.
  • We help you to set up continuous integration and delivery solutions depending on your tech stack (AWS, Azure, Jenkins, etc.)

Premium Support

  • Guaranteed availability and resolution time based on SLA;
  • Priority development and escalation;
  • Dedicated support engineers;
  • Code review.
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How businesses use Fleet Management Template to build IoT solutions

Whether you need to design the UI or develop the front-end, our template gets you covered. So far, we have helped to design 10+ products in the telematics and automotive domain and would be happy to assist you with your solution.

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