Fleet Management Dashboard Template

A ready-to-use template for fleet management.
Develop the app for your business in 3-4 weeks and save up to 50% of your efforts on management. Check fleet location in real time, get stats on both maintenance costs and business revenue. The best features for the automotive domain are included.

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80% of fleet managers worldwide expect budget reductions next year.

looking how to Reduce costs On Fleet Management System development?

Use this ready-made IoT template to save your efforts and money. Develop the app for your business in just 3-4 weeks.

Why use Fleet Management Dashboard?

  • Get all your fleet data processing in one place;
  • Plan your vehicle's diagnostic and forecast maintenance costs;
  • Track your vehicles in real-time;
  • Plan routes and drivers workload;
  • Analyze business revenue and calculate financial statistics.

To help you achieve those goals, the template includes 5 main Modules:

1. Dashboard

Provides an overview of a vehicle's status and geo-location in real time and sends notifications for system events (info, errors, warnings, etc.)

2. Analytics for revenue and expenses.

Allows you to aggregate data for revenue and expenses. Filtered by time-periods, this dashboard also includes analytics for Idle cost, Fuel cost, and trips performance.

3. Vehicles

Manage your fleet, assign drivers and track vehicles' details: key indicators and maintenance status.

4. Trips

This section helps to monitor the route map of your vehicles to schedule trips and plan fleet loading for future periods.


5. Maintenance

This module contains a maintenance planner to schedule vital issues: oil change, engine examination, filter replacement, or engine repair. Besides, you can analyze the history of changes in your fleet.

Fleet Management Dashboard Template

Features and Benefits

Full vehicle's diagnostic and maintenance planner.

Real-time data for a vehicle’s geo-location and maintenance status with alerts and warning notifications.

Financial analytics for previous periods with future forecasts.

How other businesses use Fleet Management template

We have dozens of user stories from our clients and the community about fleet management template. We want to share a few of them to help you make up your mind and create a better solution for your business using this template.

Delivery management dashboard for A fleet operating company

Results the client achieved: 

  • Front-end development was reduced by 46% (32% of overall development quote without the template used);
  • No need for a designer to be allocated, UX is optimized by default. The design for the app was based on the Fleet management UI kit.
  • Quick delivery. The stable solution was delivered in 2 months.
The customer had the following needs: 

The client operates deliveries in California and has 4,000+ couriers. He wanted to re-new current dashboard and add new features.

The business goal
was to speed up deliveries processing to track 1000+ deliveries at the same time. Also, it was vital to report deliveries stats and export revenue reports from the dashboard. The existing dashboard app has been in development during the last 5 years by the internal team and freelancers. Monthly costs to support the app and fix bugs are about 500-800$ per month. The business owners considered that the app scalability could be a bottleneck for the operations team in 6-9 months.  When deliveries traffics increased because of COVID-19, the system was not able to support effective work for peak days.

Solution: Our team used a free Fleet Management template as a basis for the new application. The idea was to use pre-developed template's features and associate business logic with it.

In the beginning of June, the team of  3 full-stack developers started the development process with a new API version 2.0. to build a new app. Within 1.5 months, the team implemented several main features for operators:

  • real-time tracking of new deliveries on a map
  • couriers database  and workload 
  • delivery orders processing
  • customers database and orders history
  • transactions history 

These features were delivered to the client and accepted by August 3rd, 2020. The app runs on a new production environment. The delivery team plans to start using the new app instead of the old one by the end of August,  2020.

The Akveo team continues the development of new features as Couriers delivery planning, revenue and delivery reporting, vehicles management, and others.

Product - GPS tracking tool for retail and delivery companies

The client achieved the following results: 

  • The release of the product happened 1,5 month earlier
  • A budget for developed features is 27% lower than it was planned
  • Using Fleet Management template, the client was able to enrich the product with pre-defined template features.

The customer had the following needs:  

The client investigated existing solutions to integrate to their product. This product is B2B solution for companies in Latin America. The goal was to find a ready-to use solution for interactive cars and routes tracking for viable product (MVP) release. 

The business goal is to enter the market as soon as possible with limited funds for development available.

Solution: The product team used the Fleet management template as a source of UI components for several product features. The Akveo team customized frontend components in accordance with client style guidelines and business logic. Also, our developers provided consultancy services for frontend architecture design.  

As a result, the client got significant boost in development for following user scenarios:

  • To track and show in real-time the location of a vehicle
  • To show all trips for selected car on the map
  • To track inventory movements for selected items
  • To see carriers stats and filter by several params

Fleet Management Dashboard Screens

Fleet Management Dashboard Maintenance historyFleet Management Dashboard Vehicles DetailsFleet Management Dashboard Maintenance plannerFleet Management Dashboard Real Time OverviewFleet Management Dashboard Trips Details

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