Since our very first release of Blur Admin we were striving to help businesses and community to achieve their goals faster and easier. During those times we haven’t been thinking how widespread our products like Blur Admin, ngx-admin, Kitten Tricks would become and how many real-world applications would be based on our code. We still don’t have exact numbers, but based on support requests we receive every day we know that the number of such applications is huge.

We have already mentioned that dozens of times, but our goal was always to create a way for engineers and non-tech people to easily customize our products. From one hand, we were achieving great results with our design system Eva in customizing the styles of UI while keeping the components unchanged. From the other hand, we always knew that in lots of cases our products lack domain specificity. What organization was willing to use it, quite often it needed remove a lot of demo functionality before implementing their requirements.

Today, we are making our first step in solving this issue by introducing Akveo Templates. It is a set of domain specific demo applications for web and mobile that businesses can download and just integrate with their backend. Comparing to ngx-admin and Blur Admin, for instance, these templates are focused to solve specific business need of companies from certain industry.

For instance, our first template is Fleet Management Dashboard which was made using our products: Eva, Nebular, UI Bakery. It can be used, for instance, by cargo companies to see where their trucks are currently located and how they perform. We plan to release other templates for the most demanding industries.

And the best thing, at this point of time we offer our new templates for free for personal and commercial usage. We hope this can help both small and large businesses during these hard COVID-times.

As usual, thank you for your support, and we will be happy to hear your feedback.

About Akveo

Akveo is an experienced team of full-stack software experts passionate about creating reliable software and ready to accept the next tech challenge. Our expertise lets us understand the essence of our clients' business needs to deliver the best solution possible. Plus, the use of our own products in development and design allows us to reduce development time and implement new solutions faster. Check what our customers say and contact us.

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