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Case Studies

How we helped a bank develop a mobile banking application

Client Interface TRAVO
Case Studies

Challenges vs. results: Akveo Top 5 successfully delivered projects

Successful projects define Akveo’s philosophy as a software development provider and show our skills to a full degree

Case Studies

How we helped a bank develop a mobile banking application

Akveo built the mobile application’s client-side to provide a fully digital experience for existing and new customers.

Case Studies

How we developed a white-label template for designing social network apps

A white-label template for social network apps

Case Studies

How we built a client interface for an application that got hundreds of upvotes on Product Hunt

Project details of working on PoC and MVP of the client interface for TRAVO application.

Case Studies

How we built a mobile PoC app for real estate with a low-code approach

Mobile assistant for landlords - low-code development with integration services

Case Studies

How we helped an Italian Bank to get a competitive edge in the factoring market

A factoring solution based on the Angular platform

Case Studies

How we reduced app development and maintenance costs by 70% for an IT company

How we made running the app on both iOS/Android platforms using a single codebase while saving development costs.

Case Studies

How we developed a quality branded design of a mobile app and saved thousands of dollars for the client.

The steps and challenges we went through when creating Felmo's Mobile App with the help of Eva Design System.

Case Studies

How we developed a web application that brings online construction professionals in the UK

The development steps for a web application in Firebase brand style using Eva Design System

Case Studies

How we redesigned a website and introduced new corporate identity for a Swiss client

Design a new website for better representation of the Infeas team, its  mission and services provided.

Case Studies

How we built iOS, Android, and web apps for a startup for the price of one

Tech details how to deliver apps for multiple platforms using a serverless approach for Australian startup.

Case Studies

How we helped the client to optimize costs and bring a unified corporate style to their products

Upgrade of the front-end stack to Angular 2.0 and design guidelines leverage.

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Whether you work under strict deadlines or have zero frontend expertise, we’re here to help you build your product faster.

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We create Open Source software to help startups, SMBs, and enterprises overcome their business challenges.

Our customer story

Felmo is A German-based company in the field of veterinary services. Clients' need was to develop a mobile app that connects vet clinics and pet owners looking for medical care services online.
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Lars Giere, Co-Founder at Felmo talking about working with Akveo and building the Felmo app.

What Makes Us Different

What Makes Us Different

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We are Open Source enthusiasts who create software to help startups, SMBs, and enterprises cope with their business challenges. Our products vary from admin dashboards and Design Systems to web and mobile UI component libraries.
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