Insights Delivery Dashboard

Ready-to-use dashboard for Delivery companies.
Process up to 100% of orders on time and increase your profit up to 25%.
Сonsolidate all data about your business in one place. Measure every step and get your clients loyal.


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Same-Day Delivery market grow in US will accelerate at a CAGR of about 22% from $9,78 billions in 2019 to $11,9 billions in 2024

Boost your Delivery business growth

Beat your competitors with faster implementation of new solution. Use our BI dashboard to improve your tracking analytics and save the development time.

Why use Insights Delivery Dashboard?

  • To collect and visualize all KPIs and data in one place;
  • To analyze historical data, determine peak hours and seasonality;
  • To plan the number of orders and demand for couriers;
  • To analyze couriers performance, delivery and downtime.

We rely on PowerBI technology by Microsoft to build a solution that delivery companies may easily customize for their companies.
It covers areas which are crucial in Delivery Business: orders analysis, delivery efficiency, financial results.

We urge you to use this template to create the app that will help to build efficient orders processing and to grow businesses.

The dashboards are:

Summary Page

This page allows you to understand the distribution of orders based on day of week and time of a day and gives you a quick overview of what’s going on in your delivery business.
It provides the most important KPIs: revenue, margin, average check and aggregates financial analysis by supplier and time delivery rate.

Delivery Analysis dashboard, Orders and Late Delivery

These sections contain KPIs and visual elements that help to analyze how efficient the delivery process is in your company.

  • How long does it take to deliver an order?
  • What time of the day is most busy and how your delivery handles this?
  • Who of the couriers performs bad and causes loss of money?

At these dashboards you'll find answers to all these questions.

The Financial Analysis dashboard

It aggregates the most important values of the financial activity of the company: profit and margin analyzed across suppliers.
This page helps to count the company's expenses and losses and make right decisions on further business growth.

The showcase demonstrates capabilities of the application for a food delivery company.
However Insights Delivery can be applied for many delivery businesses with different business models. Behind the scenes of the application is a cloud database which is optimized for analytical tasks.
This database can handle data from various sources - be it large ERP systems, web applications or Excel files.

Healthcare Dashboard for Delivery Companies

Features and Benefits

All delivery KPIs in one place.

Orders and couriers management.

Financial analytics: profit and margin across suppliers.

Insights Delivery Dashboard

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