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A Power BI dashboard for Delivery analytics.
Process up to 100% of orders on time and increase your profits by 25%. Сonsolidate business activities data in one place, measure every step, and increase customer loyalty.


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Same-Day Delivery market grow in US will accelerate at a CAGR of about 22% from $9,78 billions in 2019 to $11,9 billions in 2024

Boost Your Delivery Business Growth

Beat your competitors with faster implementation of the new solution. Use Akveo's BI dashboard to improve your tracking analytics and save development time.

Why Use Open Source Insights Delivery Dashboard?

  • To collect and visualize all KPIs and data in one place;
  • To analyze historical data, determine peak hours and seasonality;
  • To plan the number of orders and demand for couriers;
  • To analyze the supply chain and couriers performance, delivery, and downtime.

We rely on Microsoft PowerBI technology to build a solution that delivery companies may easily customize according to their needs. The software covers any integral area of a delivery business: orders analysis, delivery efficiency, supply chain management, and financial results.

Using this template, you will create the app that helps growing business by introducing efficient orders processing in no time.

The Dashboards Include:

Summary Page

This page allows you to understand the distribution of orders based on the day of the week (time of the day) and gives you a quick overview of what’s going on in your delivery operations. The page provides the most important KPIs: revenue, margin, average check and aggregates financial analysis by supplier and time delivery rate.

Delivery Analysis dashboard, Orders, and Late Delivery

These sections contain KPIs and visual elements that help to analyze how efficient the delivery process is in your company.

  • How long does it take to deliver an order?
  • What time of the day is the most busy and how your delivery service handles this?
  • Who of the couriers performs bad and causes loss of money?

At these dashboards you'll find answers to all these questions.

The Financial Analysis dashboard

The dashboard aggregates the most important values of financial activities: profit and margin analyzed across suppliers.
This page helps to count expenses and losses and make the right decisions on how to ensure further business growth.

The showcase demonstrates capabilities of the application for a food delivery company.
However, Insights Delivery can be applied by various delivery companies with different business models. A cloud database serves as a backbone of the solution and is optimized for analytical tasks.
This database can handle data from various sources - be it large ERP systems, web applications, or Excel files.

Healthcare Dashboard for Delivery Companies

Features and Benefits

All delivery KPIs in one place.

Orders and couriers management.

Financial analytics: profit and margin across suppliers.

How other businesses use the Delivery Insights template

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected nearly all industries across the globe. However, some businesses have managed to find hidden opportunities to grow despite the global lockdown. While most companies are having a hard time dealing with the virus-related challenges, the delivery business has got a serious boost. Let’s find out how it’s become possible.

Deliveries management dashboard for a delivery company

Business results: 

  • In two months, our client added a new level of transparency and consistency to the initial business flow;
  • The client determined areas with low coverage by delivery services and hired an additional 20 couriers;
  • The map of courier routes was optimized and average delivery revenue increased by 1,6%;
  • The average rate of customer reviews increased to 4.6 (from initial 4.3).

Business needs: 

The client operates a cargo delivery and taxi service in cooperation with companies in the Genoa region, Italy. The client wanted to have an online dashboard with displayed deliveries and the possibility to visualize reports. Following the lockdown, the business became public and started to cooperate with restaurants, mainly for food delivery. The client wanted to find out in what regions restaurants delivery service should be improved.

The business goal was to speed up deliveries processing and allow tracking more than 1000+ deliveries simultaneously. Also, it was vital to report deliveries stats and export revenue reports from the dashboard.

The existing dashboard app has been in development during the last 5 years by the company’s internal team and freelancers. Monthly costs to support the app and fix bugs reached 500-800$ per month.

When the delivery traffic had increased because of COVID-19, the system proved its inefficiency during peak days. The business owners realized that the scalability of the current app would be a bottleneck for business operations in the next 6-9 months.


Our team used free of charge Akveo products: ngx-admin and the Delivery Insights template as a basis for the new application. The idea was to use pre-developed features in the template and add required charts for the following use cases:

  • to track time for all delivery stages (order, confirmation, pickup, and delivery);
  • to filter orders and their stats by location, date, restaurant, courier, and product categories;
  • to forecast orders for upcoming periods based on past periods and provide alerts in case if no deliveries are planned.

Akveo initiated a 1-week discovery phase to elicit requirements and business context. With the requirements specification in place, we started with the PowerBI setup for the existing deliveries data. In parallel, our front-end developer developed a web application for the dashboard in 2 weeks. Then, Power BI reports were embedded in the dashboard application.

During the following month, the project team optimized reports and added required charts to cover specific needs. It’s worth noting that the Akveo team communicated with the client regularly to apply changes based on the client’s feedback.

The period of stabilization and acceptance took 16 days. As a result, the final version of the application was developed in 61 days counting from the kick-off meeting with the project team. After 3 months of guarantee usage, there were 4 issues reported and 7 change requests for new features applied.

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Insights Delivery Dashboard

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