Development Services

Whether you have only idea or MVP, we are always ready to bring our experience on the table to help you getting your product on the next level.

Our approach

The creation of a game-changing product and optimization of business processes needs a specific mindset. As we've built plenty of our own products, we know it from own experience.
This makes our company different. Before starting a new project, our team analyzes your business needs to produce the best solution.

Focusing on long-term partnership and taking care of the end result, we develop software that adds true value. The use of cutting-edge technologies and our own tools helps us deliver high quality faster. So, rely on our expertise and have your challenges solved.

We are experts in the following areas:

Frontend development and consulting

Being in front of the whole world while building widespread open source projects helped us to master technologies we work with. Our Angular, React, Vue and VanillaJS developers and consultants are ready to take care of your technical challenges and let you focus on business goals.

Backend application development

Building a system that scales and can serve millions of consumers per second is a general requirement for modern solutions. We know how to do this, and our Java, .NET and NodeJS experts can help outcompete by being just faster and better.

Mobile application development

Native or hybrid? We can do both, and we know the use cases for every approach. While being proficient in iOS and Android, our engineers started looking into React Native from its initial versions.

Quality engineering

Afraid that your solution will not work once real users start using it? These risks can be managed. We help our clients to be prepared to every possible scenario by creating test strategy, creating and executing manual, automated and load tests.

Continuous integration and delivery setup

Getting to production takes a lot of time sometimes. But not in our case. We know when it’s the right time to bring automation and how to handle that. Our architects and dev ops engineers are ready to introduce and set up tools and processes can let you team finally work more on the business related tasks.

Cloud based solutions architecture

Almost everyone deploys to cloud today. But does your team leverages everything that cloud can provide for you? Our cloud solution architects will help you make sure that you are not reinventing the wheel. They will support you in creating an architecture that can use the full power of AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud.

A Client Testimonial

Highly professional and organized, the team excels at efficient pacing. They allocated senior-level resources to our project, which is what we needed. Since we work within short timelines without a huge budget, we have limited time to scale up the team in size.

CTO, Compass Point Systems


We are obsessed with making IT simple for everyone from dev gurus to citizen users with no coding skills. Imagine this – changes are universal with one click, customizations are easy and bring no regression, projects delivered fast, with no overhead, no vendor or technology lock in.
We bring this philosophy to Open Source and deliver to our customers.

The Heart

Our Free and Open Source products power and nurture most audacious client ideas. Verified and trusted by thousands of Open-Source lovers.

The Mind

From an idea to future proof architecture, our consultants, business analysts, developers and quality engineers are ready to helpat any step of the path.

The Vision

Clothes do not make the man, but design makes the product. Our UI and UX designers create immersive experiences that stick.

The Speed

Our team consists of full-stack software experts who are truly passionate about flawless engineering. We run Fast and accelerate delivery with our products’ heartbeat.

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