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Whether you have an idea or an MVP, we are ready to leverage our expertise. Our innovative thinking is exactly what we offer.

Why Cooperate with Us?

We know from our vast experience that innovative thinking is a must to optimize business processes and create revolutionary products.

We focus on building a long-term partnership.

Before starting a new project, our result-oriented team analyzes your business needs to find a suitable solution.

We use our cutting-edge tools and third-party technologies to create software that adds true value.

We are ready to help you with:


Frontend Development and Consulting

Having gained broad experience while working on Open Source projects, we mastered a range of technologies. Our Angular, React, Vue.js, and Vanilla.js developers and consultants will cope with your technical challenges while you focus on your core business activities.


Backend Application Development

Our Java, .NET, and Node.js experts are willing to help you increase your competitiveness. With scalable systems we will develop for you, you’ll be able to serve millions of consumers per second.


Mobile Application Development

Native or hybrid? Being proficient in React Native, our iOS and Android developers know the use cases of both, and can build any type of mobile app for you.


Quality Assurance Engineering

Concerned that your app will not perform properly after the release? We'll handle all the risks. Let our team define all the possible scenarios and prepare you for them. We’ll develop a testing strategy, create test cases, and conduct manual, automated, and load tests.


Continuous Integration and Delivery Pipeline Setup

Our solution architects and DevOps engineers can help you make your software development cycle less time-consuming. We know how to design and introduce a containerization approach, a CI/CD solution, and integrate test and infrastructure automation tools into your IT operations to make them work for rapid software delivery.


Cloud-Based Solution Architecture

Does your team leverage cloud capacities to the full? Our cloud solution architects will make sure you're not doing any extra work. We are ready to support you in building a powerful architecture relying on AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Our Workflow

Our team has the necessary expertise to help you at the stages of solution design, implementation, testing, and launch.

What Our Customers Say

Strong partnership that fosters agile delivery of innovative solutions

Our cooperation with Akveo is the reliable foundation for delivering hiqh quality solutions for our partners. Proactive mutual conversations on various topics around business, technology and innovation always bring fruitful opportunities for a strong long-term relationship. We work closely on innovation, designing new approaches to solving existing problems and developing scalable new products.

Edgar Kussberg

CEO, Swiss Startup Tech

The Advantages You Get From Cooperation With Us

We always do our best to clarify IT-related aspects for everyone, from development gurus to general users with no coding skills. Our team works hard to simplify customization for you, allow you to implement universal changes in one click, speed up project delivery, and avoid vendor or technology lock-in. We have some secret elements that will help us bring these and other benefits to you:
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Our Top-Notch Open Source Products Designed to nurture your most audacious ideas. Verified and trusted by thousands of Open Source devotees.


Devoted Expert Team Сonsultants, business analysts (BAs), developers, and QAs ready to help you embody your ideas as fast as possible.


Empathetic Designers UI & UX professionals eager to help you drive out your competitors by creating immersive UI & UX designs.


Expert Full-Stack Developers Skilled full-stack software engineers wholeheartedly devoted to making software development happen flawlessly and quickly.

* Based on 100+ projects we delivered

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