Our Products

We create our products with passion and love for Open Source and Technologies, and tailor them for diverse market players.


One of the most popular Angular projects with about 20,000 stars on GitHub. Provides the template with light, dark, cosmic, and corporate visual themes, IoT and E-commerce dashboards, and more than 40 pages.


A full-stack starter meant to boost web and mobile app development saving up to 300 hours of development efforts. Includes a backend written in Java, .Net, Node.js, Python, or another programming language.


The full-cycle visual web app builder based on Angular. Allows non-technical people to create an attractive front-end and ensure data connection. Provides a custom Design System to build branded web apps. A rich variety of predefined widgets, components, themes, and free app templates available. Help your business – take an 80% discount to discover the UI Bakery power.


Open Source set of 35+ Angular components, 4 visual themes, 3 auth strategies, and multi-layered security configurable for your API. Recognized at the AngularConnect 2018, Europe's largest Angular conference.


A set of 480+ icons available in PNG, SVG, Web Font, and Sketch. The #2 Product of the Day on Product Hunt with more than 600 upvotes. Web, iOS, and Android friendly. Supports different styles and animation types.


Customizable design system adaptable to your brand. Includes the component library for developers and designers with UI kits, patterns, styles, icon sets, admin dashboard templates, and more. Embraces customer feedback to constantly improve.


React Native framework with a set of consistent UI components. 100% native. Allows you to change themes on the fly. Takes care of the visual appearance while you develop business logic. Applies the concept of CSS classes to save the time you spend on styling particular elements.