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Trends and challenges for small and medium businesses
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Industry 4.0 Consulting

What is Industry 4.0?

The domain of industrial manufacturing has entered a new digital era. Industry 4.0 reinvents traditional practices and brings manufacturers modern technologies such as IoT, machine learning, automation, and robotics.

The introduction of the smart manufacturing ecosystem allows collecting, automating, and analyzing data across connected devices, enabling efficient operations that produce top-notch products at a lesser cost.

Why choose Akveo

Do you see more challenges than benefits when implementing Industry 4.0 IT infrastructure?
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Better Productivity

Akveo helps industrial businesses of all sizes improve both their operational activities and productivity with smart manufacturing software.

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Improved Workflow

Eliminate repetitive engineering tasks, minimize development time, and reduce maintenance costs. We provide you with methodologies and solutions to enjoy better productivity on your projects.


Hidden Insights

Our dedicated team of industry professionals will allow you to get the best out of Industry 4.0, IoT, and advanced analytics.

Meet our expert Industry 4.0 team

Dzmitry Durasau

Dzmitry Durasau

Azure Solution Architect
  • Most Valuable Professional (MVP)
Vlad Yanum

Vlad Yanum

Azure Solution and Big Data Architect
    • Azure Certified Architect
    • Azure Certified Administrator
    • Azure Certified Developer
    • Azure Certified Data Engineer
    Alexandr Stadolnik

    Alexandr Stadolnik

    Azure Solution Architect
    • Azure Certified Architect

    Dzmitry Durasau

    Microsoft Azure Solution Architect
    • Most Valuable Professional (MVP)
    Dzmitry Durasau

    Vlad Yanum

    Microsoft Azure Solution and Big Data Architect
    • Azure Certified Architect
    • Azure Certified Administrator
    • Azure Certified Developer
    • Azure Certified Data Engineer
    Vlad Yanum

    Alexandr Stadolnik

    Microsoft Azure Solution Architect
    • Azure Certified Architect
    Alexandr Stadolnik
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    Digital Manufacturing Solutions & Services

    We build our client relations based on our long-standing experience in Industry 4.0 consulting and software development services. We deliver Industry 4.0 solutions to introduce operational processes transformation, migration, comprehensive automation, and ERP/CRM systems implementation.
    Industry 4.0 - Akveo

    Industry 4.0 IT Infrastructure Assessment and Productization

    Let’s make the first step towards Industry 4.0 with solutions assessment and productization tailored to your business.
    IoT - Akveo

    The Industrial Internet of Things

    Let's increase the interconnectivity of all the smart devices within your enterprise. We’ll help you to connect various IoT gadgets to the Internet, improve machine-to-machine communication and increase productivity.
    Big Data - Akveo

    Big Data & Analytics

    With big data and insightful analytics at hand, you won't have to play the guessing game anymore. Instead, make your decisions based on predictive analysis and statistical algorithms.
    Warning - Akveo

    Predictive Maintenance

    Our predictive maintenance services allow manufacturers to drive more informed business decisions based on in-service equipment’s actionable insights.
    Digital Twin - Akveo

    Digital Twin

    A virtual model that represents a physical object or process across its entire lifecycle. The technology allows manufacturers to remote-monitor and control equipment and systems. In the long term, a digital twin draws simulation models to predict changes in assets and processes.
    Consulting - Akveo


    We'll devise a detailed step-by-step strategy to ensure the smooth digital transformation of your enterprise. Our team of industry-leading experts will guide you through intelligent manufacturing initiatives you can undertake.
    Smart Factory Software - Akveo

    Smart Factory Software

    Our development team creates software to enable flexibility in physical processes and automate production, analytics, and reporting within your factory.
    System Integration - Akveo

    System Integration

    We'll connect machines and systems within your manufacturing line, suppliers, and clients. Plus, we'll bring together all levels of production from the manufacturing department.
    Cloud Computing - Akveo

    Cloud Computing

    The primary choice of organizations willing to enhance computing power. The on-demand availability of computer system resources allows companies to store and share multitudes of data and information.
    Remote - Akveo

    Remote Asset Monitoring

    We build custom Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) systems that allow smart asset monitoring in real-time. Get complete data visibility, access, and troubleshooting at your fingertips.
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    The industries we work with

    Our expertise shines the most when we work with the oil, gas, and automotive industries. We'll come up with a strategy tailored to fit your exact business demands. Let's accelerate your digital transformation based on the synergy of your vision and our experience.

    The benefits of working with Akveo

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    Our established processes allow our clients to save time and avoid unnecessary investments. What's more, we focus on providing you with a long-lasting competitive edge from your digital assets. With our smart-factory software, you'll increase the efficiency of the value chain within your enterprise and have more chances to dominate new markets.

    Digital literacy has become a major success factor for big and small manufacturers alike. Industry 4.0 makes it possible to change production priorities precisely at the right moment because smart production is all about delivering customization on a massive scale.


    The accelerated journey towards intelligent manufacturing.


    A new level of operational performance.


    The inclusion of insightful IoT data in the context of your business processes.


    Intelligent applications development that complements the Industry 4.0 concept.


    The migration of your business applications to the cloud so you can save up costs on infrastructure.


    Introducing smart industrial processes to adjust to consumers’ variable demands.

    Find out how Industry 4.0 and its emerging trends can make SMEs' business processes smarter and more automated

    Industrial buildings

    Industry 4.0: The Beneficial Trends And Challenges For SMEs

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    Got Questions? Here's the Industry 4.0 FAQ

    Do you have offices in Europe and the USA?


    Yes, we do. Drop us a line, and our representative will contact you within one business day.

    Can you collaborate with my in-house team?


    Yes, our experience allows us to collaborate with in-house teams effectively.

    What are the biggest challenges that businesses face when thinking about joining Industry 4.0?


    While Industry 4.0 could be beneficial in many ways, some businesses still think twice about their digital transformation. According to our experience of talking to clients, the most significant concerns are costs, cybersecurity issues, and technical problems that may be costly. However, with the right approach, the benefits outweigh the challenges.

    So, how exactly could Industry 4.0 benefit my business?


    First of all, it's about identifying new opportunities, expanding business activities, and discovering new markets. Secondly, it's about automation-driven increased production efficiency and revenue, not to mention better customer experience and less waste.

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