How we refactored an inefficient reporting solution

The implementation of the data warehouse, ELT process, Customer Portal, and Reports.

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The client is a US-based developer of a messaging platform.


The client had a reporting system for the messenger, but the previous development team implemented it without sticking to a proper engineering approach. This way:

  • Each feature was implemented irrespective of the solution as a whole. This happened due to the lack of a thorough approach towards the solution’s architecture;
  • It was impossible to locate a specific feature as a mixed bunch of tools and technologies were used on the project: a mix of both cloud/on-premise environments and languages (Python, Perl, SQL, and Bash);
  • The documentation was missing.

Technical Details

The data warehouse size is 400Gb

ETL runs 1 time/day processing 1Gb
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150 tenants in a single data warehouse
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3000 reports being generated and emailed daily


Our team started out by analyzing the solution and improvement requests. Secondly, the team designed a new solution's architecture and suggested a set of scalable and cost-effective software tools needed to implement the required features.

Our team developed the data warehouse, ETL process, Customer Portal, and Reports from scratch. Then, we enabled direct access to data in the multi-tenant data warehouse.

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Key Achievements

We've got a straightforward and well-documented solution ready to be scaled in regard to the current workload. The new version provides a cost-effective way for owners as the solution only charges during processing and not when idle. Our team successfully:

Analyzed the previous solution’s version

Our team analyzed the solution’s former version and documented the improvement requirements.

Prepared a solution proposal

We prepared a new solution proposal that included new architecture and the description of the mailing features. Plus, we suggested a set of software tools for the project.

Made a transition

The team implemented the project and made a smooth transition from the former solution to the new one.

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We developed a simple yet effective solution that can be scaled in regard to the current workload. The team also:

  • Reduced the design development of the web app by 40%;
  • Reduced total development time by 58%.

Reduced the design development of the web app


Reduced total development time

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