How we built a mobile PoC app for a real estate company with a low-code approach

Mobile assistant for landlords - low-code development with integration services

2 weeks
2 members
iOS, Android
Real Estate

Project Requirements

Currently, everyone is trying to minimize expenses and software development costs. No wonder the low-code / no-code development approach is becoming increasingly popular. Our main goal was to test the possibility of developing applications following this approach. The solution we worked on was a mobile assistant for landlords allowing them to manage their property, tenant applications, and finances.


Time saving

To conduct a proof of concept in a short term.


To reduce manual coding as much as possible.

Rich functionality

To find a set of services to cover app functionality.

No-code development

To have a working prototype created by a designer.

Scope of Work

Design prototyping

Mobile application development

Automatic integration


In order to speed up development and decrease development costs, we decided to carry out a research to find an appropriate set of low-code platforms and automation services. To eliminate the stage when developers implement a user interface based on design, we decided to use a tool with which developers and designers could work together. We’ve chosen Draftbit as a low-code platform. There, the designers have prepared a prototype. 

The prototype’s been exported to the React Native project (cross-platform solution) where developers have added business logic and integration with the database. As a solution for the database and admin panel, we’ve chosen the Airtable service that has great features for data entry, form generation and visualization. To automate the process of checking new records in the database and sending notifications, we’ve used the Integromat service.

real estate mobile app

Technology Stack

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