The mobile application for digital shopping journey

Client overview

A pioneering eCommerce company, leverages cutting-edge technology to enhance online shopping experiences, streamline operations, and drive sales growth through innovative digital solutions.

In this detailed case study, we delve into the creation of a state-of-the-art mobile application tailored for the eCommerce sector, developed using the versatile FlutterFlow platform. This project was conceived to enhance the digital shopping journey, streamlining the interface between online merchants and their customers, and optimizing the delivery process for a seamless end-to-end user experience.


Our team had several challenges to overcome. Facing such challenges, the client addressed Akveo to create a solution that will digitize all these processes.


Integrating Seamless Payment and Logistics

The need to embed a flawless system for payments and logistics to facilitate smooth transactions and deliveries.


User Experience Optimization

Crafting an intuitive, engaging app interface to ensure ease of use and increase user retention.


Real-Time Data Synchronization

Implementing a reliable mechanism for real-time updates on orders and deliveries to both consumers and drivers.

The Scope of Work

The project was set within a precise timeline, with the goal to design, develop, and launch the app within a 9-month period. The scope included developing a user-friendly shopping platform, integrating advanced logistics management for drivers, and ensuring cross-platform functionality.

Besides, the team provided business analysis during the application development.

Phase 1 and 2


AKVEO built a cross-platform mobile application called ZF CAR CONNECT for Openmatics’s passenger car driver assistance. The application provides users on both Android and iOS devices with a digital logbook that a user can edit, link different trips into one, mark private/business trips, etc. The main functionality of the app:

  • Driver assistance system: Find my car & Navigate to vehicle functions;
  • Digital logbook: separate private and business trips;
  • The main vehicle driving parameters analytics;
  • Crash reports and requests for help;
  • Driver support in maintenance, dongle installation, etc.

The application was built using the Open Source React Native UI library (UI Kitten made by Akveo), which allowed us to develop faster using ready UI components and flexible configuration of the application theme.

Phase 3


Akveo conducted a business analysis and discovered that the app’s functionality for sweeper machines almost duplicates some features of the current app. This way, it’s been decided to embed this very functionality into the current app. The customer also needed to ensure that customers with sweeper machines could track the work done by drivers. Plus, they needed a solution that would assure drivers that they work in proper work conditions in the correct area, and their job would be paid in full.

The added functionality:

  • Area view and navigation to the area;
  • Sweeper equipment statuses;
  • UX/UI changes based on the UX audit.
Mobile App Development
Phase 4


Due to particularities of the Chinese market, Akveo changed map integrations, the backend architecture, and the deployment process.


Technology Stack

The technology stack includes FlutterFlow that enables the development of cross-platform mobile applications using Flutter rather than native mobile APIs.

Pricing Model: T&M


Developed with FlutterFlow for a responsive, cross-platform application


Utilizes Firebase for backend services


Stripe, GPS and mapping services

Delivery Approach & Duration

Adopting an agile methodology, the project was structured in sprints, allowing for flexibility and iterative improvements. The entire project from inception to launch spanned 2 months, with ongoing post-launch support and updates.


The proof of concept to show how the React Native app works for their solution.


The passenger cars tracking functionality.


The localization for the Chinese market.


The sweeper vehicles tracking functionality.


The proof of concept to show how the FlutterFlow app works for their solution.


Ensured transparency and alignment with project goals through frequent communications


The localization for the Italian market.


Prioritized end-user experience in the app's interface and functionality.


  • The application has dramatically transformed the eCommerce experience for users, leading to a 40% increase in customer engagement and a notable boost in sales for participating retailers. Drivers reported enhanced efficiency in managing deliveries, contributing to a significant reduction in delivery times and operational costs. This case study not only showcases the successful application of FlutterFlow in solving complex eCommerce challenges but also sets a benchmark in app development with its innovative approach, comprehensive planning, and effective execution.

The Team

The team of 5 people during peak time:


low-code developer


Business Analyst

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