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The EdTech industry encompasses various technologies that reimagine learning for children and adults. eKool provides easy access to study-related information and allows keeping track of grades and tasks right in the app.


Initially, the first version of eKool was based on Cordova and Angular. However, the client decided to choose another framework as Cordova was unstable. To do so, the client needed to find an experienced team to rebuild the existing functionality from scratch using React Native.


The whole project consisted of two phases. During the first phase, the Akveo team developed the app's current version using React Native, with some pieces implemented with web views.

The project’s second phase included a complete app redesign. It’s worth saying that the designer from the client's team provided an excellent design system for further progress. To kick off this phase, the development team chose UI Kitten, our branded React Native framework for creating cross-platform mobile applications.

The framework supports the Eva Design System by default but can adapt to other design systems, mainly by setting up configuration JSONs. This approach is very convenient as it speeds up implementation time dramatically.

First phase
App current version development
Second phase
Complete app redesign

Technology Stack

Typescript, MobX, React Navigation, UI Kitten, Firebase, i18next, React Native Iap

Abstract illustrationeKool mobile app

Engagement Model: Dedicated team


The project’s team consisted of 3 people, including:

The platform supports modern learning initiatives centered around pupils, so they aren't left on their own when studying. For instance, teachers can communicate with parents and share study materials within the in-app chat. Plus, the authorities have a clear picture of what goes on in schools under their management.


The client was pretty impressed to realize how smoothly the app’s new version worked. The app is now available for download on the app stores. eKool is the first and the largest online educational information environment in Estonia, with more than 200.000 active users and 1 million grades entered daily

eKool has big plans for the product. For instance, extending system availability for different regions and creating a components library, which may be re-used across several mobile products.


eKool mobile app
eKool mobile app
eKool mobile app
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