How we built a web application for Astute Computer Consulting’s end client ANZCO

A web app based on the ngx-admin dashboard and .NET Core E-Commerce bundle.

A web app based on the ngx-admin dashboard and .NET Core E-Commerce bundle.

End client overview

ANZCO Foods (ANZCO) is a meat producer from New Zealand. In 2016, ANZCO Foods was New Zealand's fifth-largest exporter, employing 3,000 staff members and with a turnover of NZ$1.5b.


Before contacting Akveo, Astute Computer Consulting had started developing the web application for ANZCO with another party. The client engaged Akveo to do a review/audit as they were unhappy with certain aspects of the project.

Akveo did a full review of the current project and offered some recommendations. Astute reviewed these suggestions and ultimately decided to engage Akveo as the primary development partner.

Scope of Work

The web application development
Architecture consulting development of both the front-end and back-end
Production development
Сode review


The main goal of the project was to develop the functionality of livestock booking. This platform helps to interact with livestock buyers, suppliers, transport coordinators, and others.

Livestock buyers can place bookings two weeks in advance, so the sales and operations team can use this info to optimize plant process plans.

As we joined the ongoing development phase, our team started with the code review and provided some recommendations to the client. Astute got acquainted with the ngx-admin dashboard and Nebular, so we could customize the dashboard, adding some up-to-date components such as Leaflet, FullCalendar, Smart Table, and others.

Also, we updated the current Angular stack to Angular 9. This implementation used a template-driven form instead of using Reactive, which was an older approach for building forms. As for the initial scope, we implemented the following:

  • Integrated state management;
  • OIDC configured for both an existing Auth0 and client Azure ADFS tenants including an HTTP interceptor for providing to the API;
  • Reviewed Role Providers and Permissions Guards;
  • Created simple CRUD forms.

Then we expanded our engagement and provided architecture consulting on the back-end as well.

Technology Stack

Healthcare Dashboard for Delivery Companies
* The project is made in cooperation with Astute Computing.
Livestock template


The app was refactored to meet the existing implementation timelines whilst accommodating additional scope introduced into the project.
The agile nature of the CI/CD development environment has allowed additional features to be incorporated into the solution since the launch to further enhance the User experience which has gained some very positive feedback from the company and key users of the system.

What Our Customers Say

“Thanks to Akveo, the project was delivered on time and it also received great feedback from the client. The team conducts weekly meetings to help keep everyone on the same page and provide progress reports. They utilize Jira, Slack, and Bitbucket for communication and project management.”

Key People

Michael Grib - Development Lead
Michael Grib
Development Lead
Max Chirkun - Full Stack Developer
Max Chirkun
Full Stack Developer
Max Orlov - Account Manager
Max Orlov
Account Manager

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