Unified Spanish fintech transaction tracker

Client info

Spanish fintech innovator creating a unified financial tracking app with FlutterFlow, offering real-time transaction insights and enhanced financial management.


Multi-Source Data Integration: Ensuring seamless aggregation of transaction data from diverse banking and credit card platforms while maintaining high levels of security and privacy

User-Friendly Financial Management: Developing an engaging and intuitive app interface that simplifies financial tracking and management for users, enhancing their financial literacy and control over their spending

Real-Time Transaction Notifications: Implementing a system to provide instant updates on transactions and account activities, enabling users to monitor their finances accurately in real-time

  • Each feature was implemented irrespective of the solution as a whole. This happened due to the lack of a thorough approach towards the solution’s architecture;
  • It was impossible to locate a specific feature as a mixed bunch of tools and technologies were used on the project: a mix of both cloud/on-premise environments and languages (Python, Perl, SQL, and Bash);
  • The documentation was missing.

Scope of work

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Create a transaction-tracking app in 2 months, offering financial insights and tools
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Analyze user needs, design with FlutterFlow, and integrate banking APIs
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Test for reliability, launch, and iterate based on user feedback


The solution involved a four-phase process starting with in-depth user research and UX/UI design for ease of use, followed by FlutterFlow development integrating banking APIs for real-time tracking, thorough testing for reliability and security, and post-launch improvements based on user feedback.

    Technology Stack

    The app's tech stack includes FlutterFlow for a responsive frontend across all devices, Firebase for backend services like authentication and database management, and direct banking API integrations for real-time data and alerts.

    Pricing Model: Dedicated Team






    Google Maps, Bank APIs


    Mobile Framework




    Android, iOS

    Delivery Approach & Duration

    The project adopted an agile development approach, structured around sprints to ensure adaptability and incremental improvements. From the initial planning stages to the app's launch, the project duration was 2 months, including phases of post-launch support and feature enhancement based on user feedback.


    The launch of the app marked a significant advancement in fintech mobile applications, offering users in Spain a comprehensive tool for financial oversight. It resulted in a substantial increase in user engagement, with a 50% rise in active app users and a marked improvement in financial planning and spending efficiency among its user base.

    The Team

    consisted of:


    Business Analyst


    Low-code Engineer

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