Implement Remote Patient Monitoring Using Template for Digital Clinic App
May 29, 2020

Implement Remote Patient Monitoring Using Template for Digital Clinic App

Irina Baranovskaya
Irina Baranovskaya
Digital Marketing Manager

Telemedicine software has been traditionally useful for those who can’t afford going far from home for the actual medical help when necessary health assistance is locally not available. But due to COVID-19 this practise has spread all over the world and healthcare systems are now undergoing rapid changes.

Seeing an increasing demand for remote clinical care and suitable digital solutions, at Akveo we decided to create a mobile template for medical centers and clinics to help them speed up development of their own digital apps and implement a remote approach to patients, which is more safe now.

As a result -  patients can access quality medical care from the convenience of their homes.

For individual doctors, this means they can extend their work practice or change to a more flexible working pattern by making themselves available to any patient calling up the network.

After researching and assessing the needs of doctors and patients, we examined a wide range of digital clinic app functions to determine which ones are best for small and medium-sized medical practices. 

Let’s take an overview of our free healthcare template.

Digital Clinic is implemented as a mobile application with frontend implementation. Made on React Native.

Options available for visitors and patients:

Online booking

  • Book an appointment with a doctor online or live;
  • Fill in basic info about the problem;
  • See next appointments in personal calendar;
  • Receive notifications on upcoming appointments.

Virtual access to specialists

  • Holding a video-call with a doctor;
  • Sending messages with symptoms description, including photos;
  • Get recommendations and prescriptions online;

Payment and Feedback Online

  • Fill in the form with questions after the visit;
  • Leave any feedback;
  • Pay for the service online and get a check.


  • Exploring information about the clinic and its specialization;
  • Getting info whether his insurance cover necessary services or not;
  • Reading prof articles on medical topics.

The template is easy to customize and edit to your individual needs according to healthcare services you provide.

At this moment the template is in Coming soon mode for React Native Implementation. And there are 2 options you can choose for now:

  1. If you are in the process of developing your own digital app for medical services and looking for a ready-to-use solution =>

           Leave us a request for early access by submitting the form on Digital Clinic page. And as soon as the template is ready - you’ll be the first to get a link for free download. 

  1. If you need ready made design = >

            Buy Digital Clinic UI Kit based on Eva Design System which contains 150+ general-purpose mobile screens designed with the best UX/UI practices. It will help you to create a functional interface for your next mobile app faster.

If you are interested in developing a digital solution from scratch - please contact us and describe your challenge. We’ll be happy to assist.

Stay tuned and don't be shy to leave your feedback.

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