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React Native UI kitten is out!

Jan 19, 2017

Good day to everybody!

It's been a long time since we published something really big. After blur-admin and ng2-admin we wanted to expand area of our open source competence and create something really new. Perfectly in another field.
As we also do mobile development, at some point we decided to take one of our ideas and create mobile framework that would bring best from web into mobile. This is how react-native-ui-kitten was born.

So what is it?

What we like about the web is that you can customize appearance of your basic HTML elements and use them across all of your application. Moreover, you can add classes to your elements and this would change their visual appearance. We really missed this in mobile development, that's why we decided to implement components, where you will be able to add something similar to html class attribute.

What can be used with it?

You're able to use it with any existing react native component. You can add custom UI components, use Redux as a state container or any other library you like. react-native-ui-kitten aims only to simplify your experience with some basic components, like buttons, checkboxes, images etc.

Is there any demo app?

YES! There's a really neat demo application, which introduces 3 different style guides (Classic iOS, Material and Blur). Also it has several commonly used screens implemented like login, profile, news and chat. Nice! You can use it as a base for your next mobile app.

How can you help us?

We would be really happy to get a feedback from you. Download it, play with it, submit issues, comment etc. Let this kitten feel the power of open-source!

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