Nebular rc.5 is out. What's new?
February 1, 2018

Nebular rc.5 is out. What's new?

Dmitry Nehaychik
Dmitry Nehaychik
Head of products

Hey there!

For the last three weeks our Nebular team has been busy preparing the next release that gets a rc.5 version.
With this release, as usual, we have fixed a list of major bugs and also introduced a couple of very useful components for the Theme Module. So we'd like to tell you more about it.

Reveal & Flip Cards

With a great help from one of our contributors Hatem Hosny who proposed the idea and initial implementation we released two new card types:


Reveal card


Flip Card

Both of the card types may be useful in case when you have some additional information for your widgets, but you don't want to occupy the limited card area with it. For example, some kind of settings block, additional form fields or even a help text.

The usage is very simple - you have two containers: one is for the front side of the card, and another one is for the back side:

Badge Component

This is a fairly small, but super helpful component when it comes to showing counters and badges:

Badge Component

It goes as a separate nb-badge component, which you can add to any parent component of your choice, as well it is available through bagde* properties for nb-user, nb-tab and nb-action components:

The component comes with a list of paramenters so that you can configure a badge position, color and text placed in it.

Other Notes

As of RC.5 the Nebular Auth behavior was slightly changed in terms of authentication token management. We had quite a lot of issues mentioning an authentication token not being saved after user successful login/registration. The issue behind was that in case of incorrect token configuration no error was shown and authentication was considered as successful. Now, the behavior is much more obvious - if no token presented in the API response, authentication provider returns a falsy result and warn about the issue into the browser console.
We hope this will help to find and resolve the token configuration issues much faster and easier.


Hope you will find the update useful for your awesome project!

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